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Program Information

The Iowa Lakes Community College TRIO Upward Bound Program offers many different opportunities focusing on the student’s success in high school. TRIO Upward Bound also assists with successful transition into postsecondary programs. All services are FREE to TRIO Upward Bound participants.

Academic Year Program

The academic year program provides weekly academic assistance for students at a site near their own school, thereby developing basic skills and personal strengths. Several times a semester, all students participate in a cultural enrichment activity, which is normally held on a Saturday. Activities include college visits, academic/career workshops, recreational activities and a variety of cultural events.

Summer Year Program

The Summer Program is intended to simulate a college living experience. It is a six week residential program on the Iowa Lakes Community College Emmetsburg campus. Students are enrolled in high school level classes, which prepare them for classes that they will be taking in the fall. In the evenings, during the Summer Program, students participate in cultural, social and enrichment activities. The last three days of the program are spent on a Big City Trip, where students experience life and discover what a metropolitan area has to offer.

Bridge Program

During the Summer Program, participants who have graduated from the 12th grade during the spring are eligible to participate in the Bridge Program. It is designed to “bridge” the gap between high school and college, and to orient student to college life while assisting them in their adjustments to college level course work. Participants take college courses at Iowa Lakes Community College. They receive individual academic assistance throughout the Bridge Program. The students are offered six college credits tuition free. This component gives the TRIO Upward Bound student a “jump” on other freshmen when classes start in the fall.


TRIO Upward Bound participants will have a cumulative gpa of 2.5 or above.

TRIO Upward Bound Seniors will have achieved at the proficient level on state assessments in reading/language arts and math.

TRIO Upward Bound participants served during the project year will continue in school for the next academic year, at the next grade level, or will have graduated from secondary school with a regular secondary school diploma.

Current and prior year TRIO Upward Bound participants will complete a rigorous secondary school program and graduate with a regular secondary program.

TRIO Upward Bound participants will enroll in a program of postsecondary education by the fall term immediately following high school graduation or will have received notification, by the fall term immediately following high school, from an institution of higher education, of acceptance but deferred enrollment until the next academic semester (spring).

TRIO Upward Bound participants who enrolled in postsecondary will attain either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree within 6 years following graduation from high school.

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