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Title III President’s Grant: Strengthening Institutions to Advance Student Learning

October 1, 2016 – September 30, 2021

$1,685,585 to advance Active Student Learning. Students Benefit By:

  • Active engagement in classroom learning
  • Participation in and accomplishment of meaningful learning activities, learning to formulate and answer questions.
  • Development of problem solving, discussion, debate, brainstorming and communication skills. 

Technology Infusion: Iowa Lakes Community College classrooms with interactive technologies to encourage Active Learning.  Instructors and Students will access “low” and “high” technologies to enhance active learning

  • Moveable Furniture, Whiteboards
  • TV Monitors, LCD Projectors, Mirroring
  • Clevertouch Interactive Displays
  • Virtual Reality and Simulation Systems

Ongoing Faculty Development & Training:

  • Integrated technology in active learning classrooms
  • Canvas Learning Management Systems college-wide
  • Hybrid course development and infusion

Iowa Lakes Students Graduate:

  • Prepared for “real life” work experiences
  • Prepared to assess and solve problems in work place
  • With strengthened social skills to communicate in varied work environments

Nursing Department - New Nursing SIM Lab

  • Three fully functional hospital rooms and a nursing station
  • Pyxis Medicine Dispensing Unit
  • Baby, Pediatric, Male and Female Simulator units reproduce real life, real time, medical issues 
  • Three Nursing IV Pump Units

Nursing Student Testimonials:

“Nursing SIM Center is Excellent!”
“I always tell High School students about the SIM here. It’s like a mini hospital setting!”
“Without SIM we would all feel less confident entering the workforce”
“More Use of the SIM Lab!”

Planting and Livestock technologies:

  • GPS Planter 
  • Precision Planting System
  • Guidance Mapping Equipment
  • Performance Livestock Analytics
  • Drone and Software

Agriculture Student Testimonials:

“Iowa Lakes is tech savvy and allows hands on learning.”
“Ag has kept up with the technology.”
“It’s easier to learn about Ag with all the tech.”
"Classes are more 1:1, interactive and visual.  Not all lecture.”
“Great school.  Easy to learn.”

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