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Acceptable Use Policy

Computer Network Acceptable Use Policies Technology Usage Policy

Technology resources and usage may be described as all Iowa Lakes owned print and electronic media and services including, but not limited to: computers, printers, modems, email communications, Iowa Lakes’ Web content, and wireless connections. Personal equipment that may be connected to the Iowa Lakes network/system is also subject to this procedure.

Iowa Lakes Community College is an educational institution supported by public funds and it is imperative that the college ensures its technology resources are maintained and used by all persons affiliated with Iowa Lakes. This includes all credit and noncredit students, faculty, employees, alumni and guests at the institution. They will be referred to as “users” of technology. Technology usage at Iowa Lakes Community College will be consistent with the College’s Mission.

Wireless connection access points are available at each college location. 


Technology users must abide by applicable federal and state laws and regulations regarding technology usage, as well as existing College policies and procedures. Iowa Lakes values the free flow of information and does not condone censorship.

Individual Responsibilities

Technology users are expected to:

  1. Use technology in a manner consistent with Federal, State, and Local laws.
  2. Support an educational environment free from harassment and discrimination as described in institutional harassment and discrimination policies and procedures as detailed in the Student Handbook, affirmative action plan and the employee handbook.
  3. Use technology in a manner that will not impede the college mission or the daily business of the college.
  4. Implement security practices to prevent unauthorized access to the computers, accounts and/or personal identification numbers (PIN). This would include logging off from the computer following usage, avoiding sharing PIN and other passwords, and using insecure methods for sharing, storing or transferring information.
  5. Use technology resources consistent with other institutional policies.
  6. Assist in maintaining and enhancing the integrity of Iowa Lakes Community College technology resources by taking measures to support the security and privacy of computer networks.
  7. Report any system interference, technology performance problems, or damage to equipment to the Help Desk or an Iowa Lakes employee.
  8. Understand that priority in student computer labs is given to users for the completion of academic activities.

Prohibited Conduct

  1. Disrupting access of students, faculty or staff members to technological resources.
  2. Obtaining and/or gaining unauthorized access to College computer systems or an account belonging to another individual.
  3. Using technological equipment to interfere with the lawful rights of others by such activities as falsifying or altering records or software, creating fraudulent documents, damaging programs belonging to the College, College employee or other individuals.
  4. Sending harassing, threatening material or information to another individual.
  5. Violating license agreements, copyrights or intellectual property rights including copyrights, patents, etc., by copying, distributing or publishing protected material.
  6. Permitting other persons to use an Iowa Lakes user’s accounts, passwords or access codes.
  7. Theft of Iowa Lakes’ hardware or software.
  8. Inappropriate or malicious use of technology resources including attempts to alter, erase, damage or intercept technological data or programs that are the property of Iowa Lakes or Iowa Lakes’ users.
  9. A physical (wired) connection to the college network by computers not owned by the college is expressly prohibited. Internet connectivity shall be obtained via guest access to the college wireless network only. 

Security and Privacy

Security of technology resources is of the highest importance and all users are expected to cooperate in maintaining the integrity of these resources. The College reserves the right to inspect or monitor technology resources under its control, and to take appropriate action when there is reason to believe that a user has violated established policies. Every effort shall be made to protect the Constitutional rights of all Iowa Lakes Community College technology users.

The College does not endorse the casual review of electronic communication and storage; however, users need to be aware that their uses of College technology shall have no guarantee of privacy. Technology resources are considered property of the College and the College may initiate inspections or monitoring of information it deems to be in the best interest of the College. Iowa Lakes may also be required to initiate inspections or monitoring if subject to subpoena or other legal requirements.

Enforcement of Technology Usage Policy

  1. Iowa Lakes Community College technology staff may temporarily disable an account or service to an individual when there is reason to believe an alleged violation of the technology usage policy has occurred. This may happen when one of the alleged violations:
    * Violates Federal, State or Local law(s);
    * Could result in damage or interference with official College business; and/or
    * Could result in liability for the College
  2. Disciplinary Action for Students - A student who is believed to have violated the Technology Usage Policy may be charged with a violation of the Responsible Student Behavior Code according to the Student Rights and Responsibilities Procedure found in the Iowa Lakes Community College Student Handbook. 

I.  Student 

a.  The goal of College supported technology is to allow for students to experience education utilizing the latest available resources. To ensure that all students and classes have these necessary resources, the Technology Department may limit bandwidth for non-educational uses which may impede operating certain programs and platforms for personal use including (but not limited to): 

  • Social networking 
  • X-Box
  • Gaming
  • Chat rooms
  • Games
  • Downloading music/movies/misc. files
  • Podcasts
  • Peer to Peer sharing

b.  Accessing the College’s system with another student’s ID is not allowed.
c.  Displaying graphic files considered to be offensive is prohibited.
d.  Using computers to annoy, harass or threaten other users is not allowed and may be punishable by law.
e.  Hacking into the Iowa Lakes Community College Network will result in immediate and indefinite suspension from Iowa Lakes Community College and may be punishable by law.
f.  Users will not waste limited resources.
g.  Printing is allowed only to fulfill classroom assignments.
h.  Chatting is allowed in accordance with instructional requirements only and within bandwidth restrictions.

II. Bandwidth Usage 

a.  A packet shaping device will be utilized by the Technology Department to minimize excessive bandwidth consumption.
b. The strategic planning committee under the guidance of the Technology Director will recommend acceptable bandwidth restrictions. The restrictions will be reviewed on an annual basis. 

III. Appropriate disciplinary action shall be taken against Iowa Lakes Technology users violating the following areas which may be protected by state and federal applicable laws including but not limited to:  

a. Pornography
b. Copyright
c. Intellectual Rights
d. Illegal Access 

IV. Systems Monitoring 

a. Iowa Lakes Community College unconditionally reserves the right to monitor and examine any and all files on college computers and servers, as well as network and system activity. Administration may suspend, revoke or close an account at any time as required for inappropriate activity or at the request of the staff member’s supervisor.
b. The College reserves the right to restrict all accounts for cause or convenience at any time.  

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