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Appendix A AP Scores

Appendix A
Advanced Placement Credits
(minimum score is 3 for acceptance)


AP Course Iowa Lakes equivalent   Credits
Art History Art Appreciation ART103 3
  Art History ART206 3
Biology General Biology I BIO112 4
  General Biology II BIO113 4
Calculus AB Calculus I MAT211 5
Calculus BC Calculus I MAT211 5
  Calculus II MAT217 5
  (maximum of 8 cr. Math from both exams)  
Chemistry College Chemistry I CHM151  4
  College Chemistry II CHM152 4
Computer Science A dept. (3)
Computer Science B dept. (6)
Econ/Macroeconomics Principles of Macroeconomics ECN120 3
Econ/Microeconomics Principles of Microeconomics ECN130 3
English Lang. & Comp. Composition I ENG105 3
  Composition II ENG106 3
English Literature/Composition Introduction to Literature LIT101 3
Environmental Science Ecology & Env. Concepts BIO141 4
German Language Elementary German I FLG141 4
  Elementary German II FLG142 4
Govt. & Politics/U.S. American National Government POL111 3
History/European Western Civilization Ancient to Early Modern HIS110 3
  Western Civilization Early Modern to Present HIS111 3
History/U.S. American History to 1877 HIS151 3
  American History Since 1877 HIS152 3
Music Theory dept. (6)
Physics B College Physics I PHY162 4
  College Physics II PHY172 4
Physics C/Mechanics dept. (4)
Physics C/Elect. & Mag. dept. (4)
Psychology Introduction to Psychology PSY111 3
Spanish Language Elementary Spanish I FLS141 4
  Elementary Spanish II FLS142 4
Spanish Literature dept. (6-12)
Statistics Statistics MAT156 3

Courses equivalents are subject to review by appropriate disciplines when exams change.

Score acceptance is for Iowa Lakes only and does not imply acceptance by any transfer college, which may apply its own standards.

Approved by AP&S Committee 11/01

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