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Career Readiness Option

What are the vocational program options students may be involved in?

SAVE students can be enrolled in many of the general college curriculum offered through Iowa Lakes Community College as well as a career readiness option.

Career Readiness

Career Readiness is a specially designed curriculum geared for students with unmet living, learning, and/or working needs. This unique curriculum is appropriate for students that have received modifications or have used para-professional support while in high school. The emphasis of the curriculum is in life skills training, vocational/employability skills training, and transitional/self-advocacy skills training.

Career Readiness Program Courses

Fall Semester

Career Explorations I, SDV-131 (2 credits): Career Exploration is a course that provides students with an opportunity to gain knowledge about the many different types of careers available. Students will explore career outlook information, educational requirements, job descriptions and essential job search communications. Students learn about themselves, theories about career, and resources available to assist in the career exploration and decision-making process. 

Successful Learning I, SDV-102 (1 credit): Students master the academic and personal skills needed to succeed in higher education and in life. Content will cover academic, communication and life management skills. Goal setting, time management, note taking, test taking and how to be a lifelong learner will also be covered. 

Independent Living Skills, SDV-061 (4 credits): The purpose of this course is for students to learn and develop basic independent adult living skills. 

Intro to Reasoning, SDV-173 (2 credits): Intro to Reasoning will include some information on behaviors and what causes one to act the way they do as well as strategies for changing behaviors to be more positive and productive. It will include some brain games and some projects that touch base on working with others. There will be class discussions about motivation and what motivates each individual and how to motivate oneself. Other information will be on making healthy choices. 

Human Potential Seminar, SDV-182 (2 credits): Positive-oriented group experience emphasizing and realizing potential, setting goals, and clarifying values. 

Tools For Life Seminar, SDV-175 (3 credits): This course furthers the understanding of the interrelationships among individuals, the college, the family, work, and society. Develops leadership, study habits, communication skills and decision-making abilities, especially in education and career areas. Students consider learning as a process. 

Spring Semester 

Personal Management, SDV-065 (3 credits): This enrichment course will examine concerns faced by students as a member of modern society. It is designed to assist students in making sound decisions concerning physical, mental, and financial health, and to use non-working hours in a creative way. 

Career Exploration II, SDV-143 (2 credits): Career Exploration Ii is a continuation of Career Exploration I. This course will provide students with an opportunity to gain further knowledge about the many different types of careers available. Students will explore career outlook information, educational requirements, job descriptions and essential job search communications. 

Successful Learning II, SDV-154 (1 credit): This course helps students expand on mastering intellectual and self-aptitude skills through brain game activities and other exercises that will increase life-long learning and improve brain health and performance. 

Advanced Human Potential, SDV-185 (2 credits): This course discusses techniques to identify, prevent, resolve, and manage conflict.

Positive Psychology and Wellness, SDV-191 (3 credits): This course provides an introduction to the study of topics related to happiness and the positive aspects of human experience and wellness. The first part of the course will focus on the basic areas of research in positive psychology and the ways to apply the research to your own life. The second part of the class will focus on personal wellness and self-care.

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