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Iowa Lakes Community College Libraries offers a range of materials to all users. Resources from the library are free to use for students, staff, and faculty. Most are available 24/7 from most devices. Off-campus access requires passwords to the Databases and are available upon request.

Library and free resources for Faculty, Staff, and Students:

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Library Access

All materials are available on the left-hand column of this webpage. It is generally easiest to access the Subject Guide for your program or class. These provide access to all books, eBooks, journal articles from databases, and an abundance on other online resources and are specific to the class or subject. All resources are found by a simple click, except for books. These may be searched online, but picked up at the Library or sent to your campus if you have no library. Please contact the library for more details.

All other materials are accessible with a few clicks and provide the citation for the resources. Citations are necessary for inclusion in your paper or project. This process takes seconds from when you click on the page and are the expected materials for your class. Failure to use academic materials will lower your grade and may result in failure.

How Do I Find Resources?

Guides, also known as Subject Guide, provide immediate access to library and online resources such as eBooks, streaming videos, trustworthy sources, academic journal articles, and a range of materials that are geared toward the subject or class of each Guide. They also list books and resources that are available on-campus. eBooks and articles provide the appropriate Citation as well. Please go to the Subject Guides tab on the left.

Books are available from the Estherville and Emmetsburg Libraries. Use the Find Books & Videos tab on the left to search for books from our catalog, to order books from other libraries, and to find streaming videos. You can also use this tab to search for and find books at other libraries, in Iowa and around the globe. Please contact library staff to complete an Inter-Library Loan to have these for free.

eBooks are available from most any device 24/7, and most provide the Citation necessary for your paper or project. These are online and searchable, and available immediately. You can also download to a device to read offline. Use the Databases and eBooks tab on the left to access our 3 sources of eBooks: Bridges eBooks and Audiobooks, EBSCO eBooks, and Salem Press eBooks.

Academic Journal Articles from Database are available from almost 100 Databases. These are free to our users. Library staff suggests that you email articles to yourself to maintain access. These provide the Citation necessary for your paper or project. By clicking on “Scholarly/Peer-Reviewed”, the results listed will be written by experts in the field of study and reviewed by other related experts. To access these resources, the most efficient method is to go to the Subject Guides page on the left. You can also use the Databases and eBooks tab on the left to access the list of Databases.

Streaming Videos are available on the Find Books & Videos tab on the left through Films on Demand.

Iowa Lakes Community College Library Guide is the link on the left column in your Canvas class that provides immediate access to the appropriate Subject Guide to your subject.

Please see our About Page for more information:

  • Inter-Library Loans,
  • Printing, Copying, and Scanning,
  • And Testing Services.

It also links to our Circulation, Collection Development, User Bill of Rights, and Internet Policy.

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