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2020-2021 Tuition & Fees

Tuition & FeesUpdated May 2020

Student Tuition
Resident $189 per credit
Minnesota Resident $194 per credit
Non-resident and International  $199 per credit 
Audit  $188 per credit 
Online $195 per hour
CLEP testing  $80 per test 


Student Fees
Student Activity Fee
(Fee set by student senate & ratified by the college board)
$2.25 per credit, $10 base, 12+ hours
General Fee $10 per credit
Technology Fee  $10 per credit
Recording Fee (CLEP tests) $5 per course
CLEP Admin fee  $15 per test
Transcript Fee $5 per copy
Reinstatement after administrative withdrawal $25/semester
Hi-Set Testing Fee $50
Returned check fee  $30
Automatic Payment Plan $25/semester
Late Payment Fee $25/semester
Music Lessons $180/12 lessons
Continuing Education Record Fee $10
International Student Processing Fee $375/semester
National Career Readiness Certificate Test $25/test
Accuplacer Retest Fee $10/Test Unit
Accuplacer Processing Fee $15
Accuplacer Non-Student Testing Fee $40


  On-Campus Housing and Meals $3260 per semester 
  With Weekend Meals (one "brunch" time meal on 
  Saturday and one on Sunday)
$3530 per semester 
  On-Campus Housing and Meals $3260 per semester 
  With Weekend Meals (one "brunch" time meal on
  Saturday and one on Sunday)
$3530 per semester 
  On-Campus Housing and Meals $2960 per semester 


(specific fees on file in office)
Administrative Professionals $50 fall semester
Agribusiness Technology Tech/Machinery $50 per semester
Agriculture Production Tech/Machinery  $50 per semester
Automotive Technology  $150 fall semester
Aviation Flight Lab  
          Aviation Flight Prep Fee  $12 per hour
          Extra flight - Arrow  $130 per hour
          Extra flight - Beach Deponair  $140 per hour
          Extra flight - Cessna - 152 $85 per hour
          Extra flight - Cessna -172 $110 per hour
          Extra flight - Cirrus  $150 per hour
          Extra flight - Cub S-2  $90 per hour
          Multi-engine - Seneca  $230 per hour
          Simulator  $20 per hour
          Dual Instruction  $35 per hour
Boat & Watercraft Technician $100 per semester
Computer Programming $50 per semester
Construction Technology  $160 per semester
Digital, Social & Broadcast Productions  $50 per semester
Early Childhood Education $125 per semester
Electrical Technology $175 per semester
Engineering Technology $150 per semester
Farm Equipment & Diesel Technology  $50 per semester
Game Design & Development $50 per semester
Graphic Design $30 per semester
Hotel & Restaurant Management  $150 per semester
HVAC Technology $200 per semester
Human Services $100 per semester
Massage Therapy $75 fall semester
Medical Assistant $50 per semester
Medical Office Technology  $10 per semester
Music lessons (12)  $180 semester
Paralegal/Legal Studies  $100 per semester
Powersports & Power Equipment Technology $100 per semester
Sales & Marketing Management  $50 per semester
Substance Abuse  $100 per semester
Veterinary Technician $300 per semester
Welding $450 per semester
Wind Energy & Turbine Technology $175 per semester


For details on specific course/program fees, see the business office.

Tuition and fees are subject to change.

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