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New Start Program

Iowa Lakes Community College offers a "New Start" program for students a) who change programs of study after receiving unsatisfactory grades in a previous program at Iowa Lakes Community College; or b) who re-enroll at the college in the same program after an absence of at least two years.

It allows the student to begin a new cumulative grade point average from the beginning of the re-enrollment or from the beginning of the new program. A change to a new program of study is defined as a change in declared major program, such as changing from arts and sciences to a technical program, or changing from one technical program to another technical program.

A "New Start" means that all academic work completed prior to the designated "New Start" term will appear on the academic record but will not be considered for use in the cumulative grade point average.

The "New Start" is a one time only option. If a student experiences difficulty in the new program, the student may not apply for a second "New Start". No grades are removed from the transcript by this program. Passing grades of 'C' or better earned prior to the "New Start" for courses which apply to the new program may be used in meeting graduation requirements but will not be calculated in the student's cumulative grade point average.

Since this program applies to Iowa Lakes Community College only, it will generally not affect decisions made by transfer institutions or grantors of financial aid. Such agencies will likely consider the student's complete academic record, not just the "New Start".

A "New Start" petition must be filed in the Records Office before or during the first term of enrollment in the new program, or after the return to a former program following the required absence. The petition for a "New Start" will be reviewed by the Records Office and will be implemented if the student has met all the guidelines. The student may appeal the denial of a "New Start" petition to the Academic Review Committee as provided by the academic appeal procedures listed in the Student Handbook.

Once granted, the "New Start" may not be rescinded.

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