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Associate in Arts (A.A. Transfer)

The Associate in Arts Transfer degree is designed to provide the first two years of a typical college or university bachelor’s degree program in liberal arts, general education, or pre-professional studies.

Completion of the degree will satisfy all of the general requirements at several area colleges and universities and many of the requirements at other schools.

To earn the Associate in Arts transfer degree, a student must:

  • Earn a minimum of 64 semester credits, of which not more than 16 may be vocational or technical credits used as general electives and which may not be developmental education credits.
  • Earn a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 or higher, using Iowa Lakes grade points earned divided by Iowa Lakes credits attempted for a standard letter grade, as defined elsewhere in the catalog.
  • Complete general requirements, totaling 40 or more semester credits (see A.A. Transfer Degree Requirements below for courses required)

(64 semester credits minimum for graduation; Consult with your advisor for recommend courses within each requirement based on your major)

Communications (10 semester credits)
Course Number Course Title Credits
ENG-105 Composition I 3
ENG-106 Composition II 3
SDV-103 Successful Learning 1
Choose one of the following:
SPC-101 Fundamentals Of Oral Communication 3
SPC-112 Public Speaking 3
SPC-122 Interpersonal Communication 3


Science (8 or more semester credits)
Course Number Course Title Credits
BIO-105 Intro. to Biology 4
BIO-112 General Biology I 4
BIO-113 General Biology II 4
BIO-141 Ecology & Environment Concepts 4
BIO-163 Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology 4
BIO-168/173 Anatomy & Physiology I/II 4
BIO-186 Microbiology 4
BIO-248 Intro to Bioscience 4
BIO-300 Filed Biology & Lab 4
CHM-151 College Chemistry I 4
CHM-152 College Chemistry II 4
CHM-166 General Chemistry I 4
CHM-176 General Chemistry II 5
CHM-190 Intro to Forensic Chem 4
PHS-113 Intro to Physical Science 4
PHS-166 Meteorology Weather Climate 4
PHS-187 Intro to Earth Science 4
PHY-162 College Physics I 4
PHY-172 College Physics II 4
PHY-212 Classical Physics I 5
PHY-222 Classical Physics II 5


Mathematics (5 or more semester credits)
Course Number Course Title Credits
MAT-110 Math for Liberal Arts 3
MAT-120 College Algebra 3
MAT-127 College  Algebra & Trig 5
MAT-140 Finite Math 3
MAT-156/157 OR Stats 3/4
BUS-211/212 Business 4
MAT-210 Calculus I 4
MAT-211 Calculus I 5
MAT-217 Calculus II 5
MAT-218 Calculus III 3

(some transfer colleges have higher minimum requirements, such as MAT-127)


Computers (3 semester credits)
Course Number Course Title Credits
CSC-110 Intro to Computers 3
BCA-212 Intro to Comp Apps In Business 3
BCA-218 Adv Microsoft Office Apps 3


Humanities (9 semester credits from TWO or more areas)
Course Number Course Title Credits
Area I    
DRA-101 Intro to Theater 3
EDU-235 Children’s Lit. 3
LIT-101 Intro to Lit. 3
LIT-110/111 American Literature 3
LIT-124 American Poetry 3
LIT-150/151 World Lit. I/II 3
LIT-161 The Short Story 3
LIT-184 Young Adult Literature 3
Area II    
MUS-100 Music Appreciation 3
MUS-202 World Music 3
MUS-203 History of American Music 3
MUS-205 Jazz History & Appreciation 3
Area III    
ART-101 Art Appreciation 3
ART-206 Art History 3
Area IV    
HIS-285 Classical Heritage * 3
PHI-101 Intro to Philosophy 3
PHI-105 Intro to Ethics 3
PHI-114 Critical Thinking 3
PHI-128 Philosophy of Religion 3
PHI-903 History of Philosophy 3
REL-101 Survey of World Religion 3
Area V    
FL-XXX Any Foreign Language (CLEP scores are only accepted for Spanish or German) 3
Area VI    
HIS-110/111 Western Civilization * 3
MMS-101 Mass Media * 3
SOC-186 Contemporary Global Issues 3


Social Sciences (9 semester credits from TWO or more areas)
Course Number Course Title Credits
Area I    
HIS-110/111 Western Civilization * 3
HIS-285 Classical Heritage 3
Area II    
HIS-151/152 U.S. History 3
Area III    
PSY-111 Intro to Psychology 3
PSY-121 Developmental Psychology 3
PSY-211 Psychology of Adjustment 3
PSY-241 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY-251 Social Psychology 3
Area IV    
ECN-120 Principles Of Microeconomics 3
ECN-130 Principles Of Macroeconomics 3
Area V    
SOC-110 Intro to Sociology 3
SOC-115 Social Problems 3
Area VI    
POL-111 American National Government 3
POL-112 American State & Local Government 3
Area VII    
ANT-105 Cultural Anthropology 3
GEO-121 World Regional Geography 3
HIS-201 Iowa History 3
MMS-101 Mass Media * 3
POL-110 Intro Political Science 3
SOC-120 Marriage & Family 3
SOC-186 Contemporary Global Issues * 3
SOC-200 Minority Group Relations 3

*Use credits for Social Science OR Humanities credits, NOT both.
PLUS ELECTIVES TO TOTAL 64 SEMESTER CREDITS: may include up to 16 vocational/technical credits; do not include developmental course or special courses needed

Advisors: Planning worksheets are available on the S drive at: S:\02--Faculty\2-Advising\DEGREE REQUIREMENTS

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