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Wind Energy & Turbine Technology (WTT)

WTT-104 Introduction to Wind Energy, 4 cr.
Introduction to Wind Energy students will be exposed to the many facets of the wind industry.  This course will cover the history and development of the wind industry, terminology used in the industry, basic tools and techniques, wind turbine components, the future of the wind industry, and other topics that are appropriate.                             
WTT-106 Wind Turbine Field Training, 3 cr.
Wind Turbine Field Training students will be introduced to the aspects of the industry standards, requirements, and issues that are a part of working in the field. Information to be covered will include but not be limited to safety training, working around cranes and riggings, tower climbing, fasteners and lubricants used in the industry, other subject matter that may be appropriate.
WTT-115 Field Training and Project Operations, 4 cr.
Field Training and Project Operations will introduce students to industry standards of safety, operation and maintenance of wind turbines, and project operations.  Students will also benefit from field trips to operational sites to gain perspectives on day-to-day operations of wind turbine generation facilities.
WTT-116 Field Training I, 4 cr.
Field Training I is designed to provide students with an understanding of the safety techniques used in the wind industry. Topics will include OSHA 10, First Aid/AED, tower climbing, high angle rescue/evacuation, working with tools at height, basic electrical safety, confined spaces, and basic crane safety.
WTT-118 Direct Current Elect Theory, 4 cr.
Direct Current Electrical Theory is an introduction to basic electrical theory and the components that make up electrical circuits. D/C Theory will be presented in a lecture and laboratory format. Course content will include, but not be limited to basic circuits, electrical components and their applications, hands-on reinforcement of theory covered during lecture.
WTT-123 Alt Current Elect Theory I, 4 cr.
Students will be exposed to the principles and applications of alternating current (AC). Prerequisite of AC1 is DC.
WTT-133 Wind Turbine Mechanical System, 3 cr.
Wind Turbine Mechanical Systems will introduce the students to gearboxes and other mechanical systems that make up subsystems of today’s wind turbine. Prerequisite: WTT-104
WTT-136 Field Training II, 4 cr.
Field Training II will introduce a wind turbines construction, maintenance, and operation. Topics will include construction, schematics, components, maintenance, mechanical systems, electrical systems troubleshooting, and operation. Prerequisite: WTT-116
WTT-204 Wind Turbine Siting, 4 cr.
This course will allow students the opportunity to learn the techniques, methodology, and concepts used to develop projects around the world.
WTT-216 Power Generation & Transmission 3 cr.
Power Generation and Transmission will serve as an introduction to the generation of electrical power with a wind turbine generator, moving that power through a local transmission system to a substation where a customer will purchase the generated power. This course will cover all aspects of working with components of a high voltage transmission system.
WTT-223 Airfoils and Composite Repair, 3 cr.
Airfoils and Composite Repair will prepare the student for working with wind turbine blades to include terms, manufacture and repair of wind turbine blades. (Formerly WT-223C)
WTT-225 Data Acquisition & Assessment, 4 cr.
This course will give students an understanding of how wind data is collected and analyzed for electric power generation.  Students will also learn how to assess the operation and power production of individual wind turbines. Prerequisite: WTT-104 & WTT-115
WTT-932 Internship, 5 cr.
The wind turbine internship will give students the opportunity to apply skills developed during the first two semesters of the Wind Energy and Turbine Technology program. 
WTT-934 Wind Energy and Turbine Technology Internship II, 4 cr.
Students will complete job contact experience in their field of choice. A minimum of 288 job contact hours is required by this 4-credit course.
WTT-946 Wind Energy and Turbine Technology Internship I, 6cr.
Students will complete job contact experience in their field of choice. A minimum of 432 job contact hours is required by this 6-credit course.
WTT-950 Wind Energy & Turbine Technology Seminar, 2 cr.
The seminar will explore current trends, issues, and companies related to the area of study.  Students will have the opportunity to research one of these aspects to enhance their understanding of the implications and impact the industry has on their personal and societal goals.
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