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Sociology (SOC)

SOC-110 Intro to Sociology, 3 cr.
A survey course applying basic sociological concepts, theories, and methods to examine society, culture, cultural institutions, cultural diversity, and cultural stability and change.
SOC-115 Social Problems, 3 cr.
Applies basic scientific sociological concepts and principles to the examination of contemporary social issues such as crime, poverty, violence, and inequality.
SOC-120 Marriage and Family, 3 cr.
The sociological study of the family and family-related issues in cultural, cross-cultural, historical, and social context.
SOC-126 Social Science Interim - 1, 1 cr.
Supplemental enrichment course related to the Social Sciences which includes special projects. P/A grading.
SOC-160 Introduction to Social Work, 3 cr.
An introductory course in social welfare systems and social work practice that surveys the historical development of the social work profession in conjunction with the development of the social welfare services in the United States.
SOC-186 Contemporary Global Issues, 3 cr.
A survey course to identify and analyze the variety and extent of global economic, political, social and cultural problems and issues.
SOC-200 Minority Group Relations, 3 cr.
Survey of the contributions that various minorities have made to the development of the United States.
SOC-220 Sociology of Aging, 3 cr.
Discusses the psychological and societal changes and needs of the elderly. Emphasis is on the effect of, and adaptation to, role changes such as retirement and institutionalization. It also deals with perspectives on adult development in the areas of emotional, cognitive and personality development. Grief, dying, and death, the final stages of the life process are examined from varying points of view.
SOC-890 Service Learning, 1 cr.
The Service Learning field experience offers students a hands-on opportunity to explore professional and technical aspects within an organization. Through this Service Learning project the student must be involved with a meaningful project, have an academic connection, and have an opportunity to reflect on the experience upon its completion. 
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