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Social Media and Marketing (SMM)

SMM-100 Introduction to Social Media, 3 cr.
Social media surrounds us every minute of every day and even though students may be experts on how to use a variety of these platforms for socialization, their knowledge of utilizing social media in a professional, work-related environment may be lacking. In addition to introducing students to several popular social media sites, this course emphasizes how to use social media platforms to successfully communicate and promote a message in support of a business and/or product. Special attention will be paid to when this type of transmission is most effective, how to select the most effect social media outlet for your particular target demographic and how to measure success of the platform chosen and message.

SMM-110 Writing for the Web, 3 cr
This course takes a more in-depth look at writing, specifically for the web.  Because the web is a primary “go-to” platform for a number of people, the information presented must not only be credible but also attractive with a goal in mind of the creator.
SMM-210 Web Analytics, 3 cr.
This course will explore basic online research principles and then examine two themes: web analytics and social media monitoring. Web analytics reviews the effectiveness of company communications and customer interactions on a range of digital marketing platforms including website, social media presences and mobile marketing. Social media monitoring involves using tools to listen to conversations about a brand across digital platforms and taking appropriate action.
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