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Psychology (PSY)

PSY-111 Intro to Psychology, 3 cr.
An introduction to the scientific study of behavior; a brief history of psychology as a science, and topics fundamental to human behavior including developmental issues, sensory abilities, cognitive performance, social and emotional factors in behavior, and abnormal behavior and therapies.
PSY-121 Developmental Psychology, 3 cr.
Studies human development from conception through the lifespan. Physical, emotional, social, cognitive and moral aspects are studied in the classroom, by lecture, file/video, projects, observation and by reading the literature.
PSY-211 Psychology of Adjustment, 3 cr.
Increases student’s knowledge and experiences relating to various populations with disabilities. Adjustment to physical and/ or mental disability, conflicting treatment models, impact on self, family, community and society are examined.
PSY-222 Child Psychology, 3 cr.
Covers development from conception to childhood. Emphasis is on child study, growth and development of physiological, motor personality, mental and emotional aspects, sensory and behavior development. Prerequisite: PSY-111 OR PSY-121.
PSY-223 Child & Adolescent Psychology, 3 cr.
This course looks at children from a developmental perspective and reflects how children change as a result of age and experience. Developmental processes are presented in three distinct categories or domains – biosocial, cognitive, and psychosocial.
PSY-224 Adolescent Psychology, 3 cr.
Psychology of Adolescence explores the rapid physical, social, emotional, and cognitive changes of adolescents. Students distinguish myths about adolescence from research findings and examine the importance of cultural and historical factors in this crucial transition from childhood to adulthood. Prerequisite: PSY-111 or permission of the instructor.
PSY-241 Abnormal Psychology, 3 cr.
A survey course tracing history, models and symptoms of psychiatric disorders. Uses D.S.M.IV (diagnostic and statistical manual, 4th ed.) as a standard of abnormal behavior.
PSY-251 Social Psychology, 3 cr.
Explores social interaction from both the psychological and sociological perspectives. It is the study of how we think about, relate to, and interact with each other.
PSY-261 Human Sexuality, 3 cr.
Human Sexuality focuses on normal sexual development, human sexual responses, and common sexual problems. It provides factual information on human sexuality and raises practical questions about human sexual behavior. It also helps students examine and evaluate their views and values concerning sexual behavior. Prerequisite: Students must have taken one of the following three courses: PSY-111, SOC-110, SOC-120 or have permission of instructor.
PSY-281 Educational Psychology, 3 cr.
Survey of behavioral theory, classical, operant and vicarious learning. Studies the nature of the learning process, conditions the facilitate learning, problems of learning measurement leading to modern cognativist concepts, and other variables that affect the learning process.
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