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Physical Education Training (PET)

PET-105 Basic Athletic Training, 3 cr.
Introduction to the history and development of athletic training as a medical profession. Introduction to methods of athletic training including injury recognition, the prevention and care of athletic injuries and emergency care are studied. Competencies in taping and wrapping techniques are included.
PET-115 Intro to Taping, 2 cr.
Introduction to Taping is an entry level class that will introduce the student to the taping and bracing aspects and skills of the Athletic Training profession.   The class will cover the common taping, wrapping and bracing techniques needed to become a successful athletic training student and prepare them for transfer into an accredited athletic training education program (ATEP).  Students will be tested during class time.
PET-140 Athletic Training Experience, 1 cr.
Supervised athletic event and practice coverage as an athletic trainer.
PET-150 Athletic Training Experience II, 1 cr.
Supervised athletic event and practices coverage as an athletic trainer.
PET-171 Athletic Training Experience III, 1 cr.
Continuation course for students planning to transfer to an accredited institution for athletic training education. Course is based in the athletic training room where the student continues to complete more advanced competencies.
PET-181 Athletic Training Experience IV, 1 cr.
Exposure to the general working conditions of the Certified Athletic Trainer. Experiences will include a variety of locations and exposure to sports medicine information management and administrative duties of the Athletic Trainer. Course will include an immersion period with a single sport and responsibilities specific to that sport. 
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