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Philosophy (PHI)

Considers broad fundamental ideas about knowledge, the nature of reality, human nature and society. It is also concerned with words and concepts, their meaning and their logical relationship to each other.
PHI-105 Intro to Ethics, 3 cr.
This introductory course examines contemporary ethical conflicts and provides an understanding of the language, concepts and traditions of ethics.
PHI-114 Critical Thinking, 3 cr.
A study of the processes by which we develop and support our beliefs and evaluate the strength of arguments made by others in real-life situations; includes practice in valid reasoning, presentation of arguments, and analysis of the use of language to influence thought.
PHI 128  Philosophy of Religion, 3cr.
An inquiry into the philosophical issues related to religious beliefs and concerns such as the existence and nature of God, the problem of evil, the mind-body problem, the immortality of the soul, supernatural events, religious experiences, faith and reason, and the meaning of life.


PHI-903  History of Philosophy –Travel Tour,   3 cr
History of Philosophy—Travel Tour is an independent study course designed to provide students not only with appropriate course work (in the form of reading and writing assignments) related to the development of Western Philosophy, but also with an opportunity to travel to geographic locations of philosophical/historical significance (sites such as Athens, Rome, London, and Paris) so they can experience for themselves the physical locations where significant developments occurred.


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