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Parts Distribution & Inventory Control (PAR)

PAR-113 Parts Catalog + Lab, 3 cr.
An overview of major automotive parts systems, the reading of parts lists, catalogs, price sheets and exploded views will be covered. Identification of manufacturer and their products. Students will gain hands-on experience in cataloging parts. Lecture and laboratory.
PAR-123 Parts System + Lab, 4 cr.
This course develops skills in the operation of a parts store or automotive dealership parts department. Emphasis is on jobber catalogs, use of computer cataloging, invoice processing and parts sales. Students learn to handle purchase orders, repair requests and monthly statements. Lecture and laboratory.
PAR-124 Inventory Control & lab, 3 cr.

A study of various inventory control systems used by the after-market industry. Emphasis is on the use of state-of-the-art computer inventory system. Students learn to check inventory, determine slow moving stock, ordering new stock, and arrangement of stock. Lecture and laboratory. 

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