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Motorcycle Technology (MOT)

MOT-128 Motorcycle Engine 2&4 Stroke, 2 cr.
Construction and design of motorcycle engines, both two- and four-stroke. Correct service procedures, troubleshooting, failure analysis and advanced theory are included. Prerequisite: first semester of program.
MOT-129 Motorcycle Eng 2&4 Stroke Lab, 2 cr.
Engine disassembly, reassembly, operation of various motorcycle and ATV engines. Includes adjustment and testing of engines. Prerequisite: First semester of program. Co-requisite: MOT-128.
MOT-131 Motorcycle Engines 2 & 4 Stroke Theory, 3 cr
This course includes the construction and design of motorcycle engines, both two and four stroke.  Correct service procedures, troubleshooting, failure analysis, and theory.
MOT-139 Motorcycle Fuel Systems, 3 cr.
Motorcycle fuel systems including carburetion, fuel injection and oil injection. Troubleshooting, testing, adjustments and disassembly/reassembly are covered. Proper service procedures are discussed, demonstrated and practiced. Lecture and laboratory. Prerequisite: first two semesters of program.
MOT-143 Drive Systems/Chassis/Suspension, 3 cr.
Theory and operation of Motorcycle Drive Systems, chassis, and suspension. Disassembly, inspection, reassembly, troubleshooting, adjustment and repair. Lecture and lab.
MOT-144 Drive Systems/Chassis/Suspension, 4 cr
This course covers the functions, construction, and operation of motorcycle drive systems, chassis, and suspension systems.  Their importance in the safe operation and control of a motorcycle is discussed.  Disassembly, assembly, troubleshooting, and repair of these components are covered.
MOT-146 Ignition/Electrical Systems, 3 cr.
Study of the construction, principles of operation and design of motorcycle ignition and electrical systems.
MOT-151 Shop Safety & Procedures, 1 cr.
Safe shop practices and procedures, including safe equipment operation, proper tool usage, importance of personal protective gear and how to handle emergency situations. 
MOT-153 Fundamentals for Electricity, 3 cr.
Basic electrical theory used in the motorcycle and small engine field. Study of Ohm’s Law, electrical symbols, problem solving, types of circuits, usage of a VOM and other electrical test equipment. Lecture and laboratory. 
MOT-200 Motorcycle and ATV Tune Up and Maintenance, 2 cr.
This course includes tune up procedures for both 2 and 4 stroke Motorcycle and ATV's.
MOT-202 ATV Systems, 3 cr.
Introduction to ATV’s and all of their systems.
MOT-203 Motorcycle & ATV Tune Up and Maintenance, 4 cr     
This course includes tune up procedures for both two and four stroke engines. Since it is not only the engines that require maintenance, the maintenance items for Motorcycles and ATVs themselves are also covered in depth.
MOT-211 Adv Driveabilty and Troubleshooting, 4 cr     
This course will better prepare the student for real life drivability and troubleshooting problems that they will encounter in the field.
MOT-221 Adv Electrical Diagnosis/ Troubleshooting, 4 cr     
This course provides the student with the advanced electrical diagnosis and troubleshooting skills needed to work in the Motorcycle and Small Engine Industry.
MOT-231 Advanced Fuel Systems, 4 cr
This course will prepare the student to better diagnose, troubleshoot, and tune fuel systems.  It will also better prepare them to be able to tune all types of fuel systems to be able to meet emissions standards.
MOT-240 Dyno Analysis, 2 cr.
This course includes Dyno usage, data analysis, and tuning.
MOT-250 Outdoor Power Equipment, 3 cr.
An introduction to Outdoor Power Equipment.
MOT-255 Performance Engine Tuning, 2 cr.
Performance Engine Tuning as it applies to the Motorcycle and ATV.
MOT-270 Introduction to Diesel, 2 cr.
A study of the basic diesel engine used in small horsepower applications. Diesel fuel systems, turbo charging, diesel engine maintenance, and troubleshooting.
MOT-910 Cooperative Work Experience, 4 cr.
Student is involved in a supervised cooperative work experience in a dealership.
MOT-932 Internship, 2 cr.

On-the-job experience at a motorcycle repair facility as a technician, part and service person, or salesperson. The student is evaluated by the job supervisor and the instructor. Prerequisite: completion of the first year of the program. 

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