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Medical Assistant (MAP)

MAP-111 Medical Office Mgt I, 3 cr.
Administrative procedures such as reception techniques, telephone skills, appointment scheduling, mail processing, office equipment operation and maintenance, travel arrangements, insurance forms, and coding will be studied.
MAP-117 Medical Office Management II, 3 cr.
Covers private and public insurance types, processing and handling claims, insurance coding and legal precautions in claims processing. Instruction in pegboard accounting, banking procedures and financial record keeping, and records management is an integral part of the course. Prerequisite: MAP-111.
MAP-128 Automated Medical Office, 2 cr.
Computer technology and medi-team simulation of an actual medical clinic situation. Recording patient appointments, insurance information, patient medical information and the use of forms for medical office financial transactions.
MAP-133 Medical Transcription, 3 cr.
Develops proficiency in the use of dictation and transcription equipment. Medical tapes of actual case histories, consultations, and surgical diagnostic and autopsy reports are used to provide a realistic experience. Application and correct spelling of medical terminology is continuous with the learning process.
MAP-141 Medical Insurance, 3 cr.
Educates the student in the area of health insurance and billing. Develops an understanding of all health insurance plan options, expansions as well as modifications in state and federal regulations. Instruction will be given in the areas of processing health insurance claims, planning options, carrier requirements, state and federal regulations, abstracting relevant information from source documents, accurately completing claim forms, and coding diagnoses and procedures.
MAP-233 Medical Laboratory Procedures, 4 cr.
Laboratory safety measures and familiarization with the care and use of laboratory equipment. Urinalysis techniques including collection, physical examination and microscopic examination of urine specimens. Microbiology classification and the collection and preparation of microbiological specimens.
MAP-330 Career Prep Medical Asst, 1 cr.
Teaches necessary skills for successful resume writing and job interviewing. Prepares medical assistants for their summer practicum with practical application of learned skills. Orients students to the Practicum experience.
MAP-342 Clinical Assisting I, 3 cr.
On-the-job training to provide students with training in medical asepsis; infection control; interviewing and obtaining patient information; vital signs; vision screening; assisting the physician with various physical examinations; instructing patients with physical therapy needs; and performing electrocardiograms.
Further on-the-job training in aseptic techniques and assisting with minor surgery examinations, including the identification and use of instruments; sterilization and disinfection techniques; sterile dressing application; and cast application and care.
MAP-402 Medical Law and Ethics, 2 cr.
This course is designed to provide the student with legal and ethical knowledge to make proper professional judgments. Topics include legal issues pertinent to the medical and chiropractic clinics. Major bioethical and ethical issues are included.
MAP-512 Medical Assisting Pharmacology, 2 cr.
This course introduces the Allied Health student to concepts of drug actions and interactions with focus on principles of pharmacology.  Students will learn to utilize drug reference books with review on medical terminology as it pertains to prescriptions, documentation, medication administration, medication classifications, and mechanism of action.
MAP-515 Pharmacology, 3 cr.
Commonly administered drugs, their uses and the effect on the body. Information on correct dosage, methods and routes of drug administration, dosage calculation and the legal and ethical standards for the administration and dispensing of drugs by the physician.
MAP-940 Practicum: Medical Office Technology, 3 cr.
On-the-job training in a position related to the student’s career goal.
MAP-941 Practicum, 3 cr.
On-the-job training in a position related to the student’s career goal.
MAP 942  Limited Radiology III Practicum, 2 cr.
Students will transfer knowledge gained from Limited Radiology I and II into the clinical setting. The student will perform a total of 80 hours of clinical experience, completing 12 clinical competencies.  Six hours of face to face lecture will include instruction of special radiologic views prior to beginning the clinical rotation.  Prerequisites: MAP-254 
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