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Mathematics (MAT)

MAT-004 Mathematics Foundations, 1 cr.
Basic mathematics course designed for students in certificate programs.
MAT-005 Math Refresher, 1 cr.
Developmental studies course. Individualized course, which reviews whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents and ratios.
MAT-054 Math Strategies, 3 cr.
Developmental studies course that reviews whole numbers, integers, fractions, decimals, percents, ratios, proportions, and graphing utilizing basic algebra.
MAT-100 Elementary Algebra, 3 cr.
This is a beginning course in algebra. Topics include operations on real numbers and algebraic expressions; solving linear equations and their application; factoring; simplifying fractional expressions; radicals and quadratic equations. Does not count toward the mathematics requirement for the AA or AS degree.
MAT-102 Intermediate Algebra, 4 cr.
This course includes the basic properties of the real number system; fundamental operations on algebraic expressions; graphs and functions and relations; radicals; exponents; quadratic equations; graphing calculators to enhance their understanding. Prerequisite: Appropriate mathematics assessment score. Does not count toward the mathematics requirements for the AA or AS degree.
MAT-110 Math for Liberal Arts, 3 cr.
This is a general survey course which includes sets; number systems; elementary algebra; exponents; equations and inequalities; fractions; ratios; proportion and variation; probability and statistics; elementary graphing; consumer mathematics; and an introduction to geometry.
MAT-117 Math for Elementary Teachers, 3 cr.
Basic mathematical content pertinent to elementary teaching. Topics include problem solving, set theory, number systems and bases, number theory, informal geometry, measurement and elementary probability, and statistics. Does not count toward the mathematics requirement for the AA or A.S. degree.
MAT-120 College Algebra, 3 cr.
Operation of real and complex numbers; factoring; exponents; quadratic equations; inequalities; matrices; rational functions; logarithmic functions; and graphing or functions. Prerequisite: appropriate placement score.
MAT-121 College Algebra, 4 cr.
Topics include linear functions and inequalities; quadratics; conics; polynomials and rational functions; exponential and logarithmic functions; linear systems; matrices and determinants. Additional topics may include sequences, series, permutations, combinations and probability. Prerequisite: appropriate placement score.
MAT-127 College Algebra & Trig, 5 cr.
Course combines college algebra and trigonometry. Algebra topics covered include functions and their graphs; solving equations and inequalities; polynomial functions; conic sections; and exponential and logarithmic functions. Trigonometry topics covered are right triangle trigonometry; unit circles; trigonometric functions; graphing; verifying identities; solving trigonometric equations; and applications of trigonometry. Prerequisite: appropriate placement score.
MAT-130 Trigonometry, 3 cr.
Trigonometric functions and their inverses: verifying identities; right triangle trigonometry; unit circles; radian measure; graphing; trigonometry functions; solving trigonometric equations; and applications of trigonometry. Prerequisite: MAT-050, MAT-770, MAT-772 or equivalent.
MAT-140 Finite Math, 3 cr.
An applied mathematics course dealing with mathematics related to most academic disciplines. It provides introduction to matrices, linear programming, combinations, permutations, statistics, mathematics of finance.
MAT-156 Statistics, 3 cr.
This course is designed to provide the student with a foundation of statistical concepts and procedures that can aid the student both as a consumer and producer of statistical information. The emphasis is on descriptive statistics, probability, binomial and normal distributions, elementary sampling theory, hypothesis testing, and regression analysis. Prerequisite: appropriate placement score.
MAT-157 Statistics/BUS-211 Business Statistics, 4 cr.
This course provides a foundation of statistical concepts and procedures that can aid the student as both a consumer and producer of statistical information.  The course emphasizes descriptive and inferential statistical methods, probability, estimation, hypothesis testing and linear regression.  Students are also introduced to software as it applies to introductory statistical methods. Prerequisite: appropriate placement score.
MAT-210 Calculus I, 4 cr.
Provides the student with a foundation in calculus and analytical geometry. Topics include analytical geometry; differentiation and applications of the derivative; integration and its applications. Graphics calculator is required. Prerequisite: MAT-127 or equivalent.
MAT-211 Calculus I, 5 cr.
A general course in differential and integral calculus and its applications. Topics include limits and continuity; differentiation; application of differentiation; integration; logarithmic, exponential and other transcendental functions; and applications of integration. Prerequisite: MAT-127 or equivalent.
MAT-217 Calculus II, 5 cr.
Continuation of MAT-211. Integration techniques, sequences, infinite series, conic sections, parametric equations, polar coordinates, vectors, cylindrical and spherical coordinates, and vector-values functions. Prerequisite: MAT-211 or equivalent.
MAT-218 Calculus III, 3 cr.
Continuation of MAT-217. Explores functions of several variables; partial derivatives; directional derivatives and gradients; multiple integration; vector analysis; and a brief look at differential equations. Prerequisite: MAT-217 or equivalent.
MAT-225 Differential Equations, 3 cr.
Students learn to recognize various types of differential equations and learn how their solutions behave. Topics include solving first and second order differential equations; applications; systems of equations; series solutions; existence theorems; numerical methods; and partial differential equations.
MAT-227 Differential Equations with Laplace Transforms, 4 cr.
Students learn to recognize various types of differential equations and learn how their solutions behave.  Topics include solving first and second order differential equations, applications, systems of equations, Laplace transforms and series solutions, existence theorems, numerical methods, and partial differential equations.
Prerequisite: MAT-217
MAT-743 Technical Mathematics, 3 cr.
Technical Mathematics includes operations with real numbers, use of fractions, ratios, measurement conversion, algebraic equations, functions, geometry, and right angle trigonometry. Applications are designed around situations students may encounter in industrial settings
MAT-770 Applied Math, 2 cr.
Mathematics as it applies to the student’s program of study. A review of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, the metric system, linear measurement and common formulas used in each particular industry.
MAT-772 Applied Math, 3 cr.
A course in elementary mathematical skills for technicians. Topics covered include fundamental operations with whole numbers, fractions, decimals and signed numbers; percents; geometric figures and basic constructions; area and volume formulas; English/Metric systems; measurements; and the interpretation of graphs and charts.
MAT-785 Agricultural Math, 2 cr.

Reviews the basic principles of elementary algebra and mathematics as they relate to basic agricultural problems. 

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