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Marketing (MKT)

MKT-110 Principles of Marketing, 3 cr.
Fundamental principles of the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer, including buying, selling, transportation, storage, finance, advertising and market information as they relate to the marketing structure.
MKT-140 Principles of Selling, 3 cr.
Studies the concepts of selling. Includes an understanding of the customer; realizing the importance of product knowledge; securing and conducting sales presentations, analyzing and handling different types of customers; steps in selling; and the importance of maintaining good will. Personality development and principles of selling are stressed.
MKT-142 Consumer Behavior, 3 cr.
External influences such as culture, social class and family situations; internal influences such as motivation, attitudes, lifestyles and learning; various models of consumer behavior and how consumer behavior fits into marketing strategy.
MKT-150 Principles of Advertising, 3 cr.
Fundamentals and principles of advertising as they pertain to the marketing process. Understanding consumer motivation, identifying the target market, types of media and creation of ads are included.
MKT-155 Visual Merchandising, 4 cr.
The principles and elements of design and their relationship to an effective display. Hands-on experience in creating effective displays and planning a visual merchandising schedule. Students learn about display materials and store layout in relation to effective selling.
MKT-162 Retail Merchandising, 3 cr.
Techniques and procedures used in determining profits, pricing of goods, inventories and merchandise control. Typical problems faced by merchandisers are presented, analyzed and solved.
MKT-290 Professionalism: Dex/Deca, 1 cr.
Introduction to DECA and what the organization has to offer. The course helps the student gain a better understanding of Distributive Education Clubs of America.
MKT-291 Professionalism Ii: Dex/Deca, 1 cr. 
This course helps develop competent professionals in marketing management and merchandising. Delta Epsilon Chi contributes to occupational competence by promoting greater understanding and appreciation for the responsibilities of citizenship in our private enterprise system.
MKT-292 Professionalism Iii: Dex/Deca, 1 cr. 
Continuation of the professional development training in DECA.
MKT-293 Professionalism Iv: Dex/Deca, 1 cr. 
Continuation of MKT-292 with more opportunities for professional advancement.
MKT-938 On-The-Job Training, 2 cr.

Introductory work experience in the operational phases of the modern retail market. Assignments are tailored to the student’s needs, including basic merchandising, displays, cash register experience and selling to customers. Students are supervised by the coordinator of the program and assigned to work directly under a specific store manager who serves as the on-the-job trainer. 

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