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Management (MGT)

MGT-101 Principles of Management, 3 cr.
Introduces modern management background, organization and principles, managerial planning and control policies and procedures of business firms.
MGT-110 Small Business Management, 3 cr.
Practical approach to the study of establishing and operating a small business. Emphasis will be placed on discussion of case situations and on arriving at viable solutions to day-to-day operational problems.
MGT-130 Principles of Supervision, 3 cr.
An overview of the supervisory job. Basics of supervision and management, including effective human relations skills such as communication, motivation, improving performance and leading work teams. Centers on management functions of planning, organizing, controlling and evaluating. Introduction to key supervisory techniques including delegation, appraisal and counseling.
MGT-165 Principles of Quality, 3 cr. Principles and success factors for quality improvement for work group supervisors. Focus on skills and knowledge needed by supervisors to lead quality improvement in their work areas. Quality philosophies, concepts and improvement actions will be highlighted. Programs such as ISO 9000 and the Malcolm Baldridge Award will be discussed. Participants will prepare quality improvement plan for their work groups.
MGT-170 Human Resource Management, 3 cr.
Students will learn each step of the process, including developing a job description; advertising; evaluating resumes; pre-screening candidates; negotiating employment agreements; planning and monitoring orientation programs for new employees; and the importance of up-to-date policies.
MGT-178 Employment Law, 3 cr.
Study of the “legalese” of workplace law, covering hiring, firing, promoting, and disciplining employees. Students will learn proper reference checking procedures, sexual harassment issues, equal employment opportunity and affirmative action policies.
MGT-190 Employee Compensation/Benefits Mgmt, 3 cr.

This course focuses on monitoring and organizational benefits such as health, dental, FMLA, wage continuation, workers’ compensation and retirement programs. Students will be introduced to a market survey compensation philosophy and will also learn and practice the tools needed to implement this philosophy. The Manpower Planning Process will also be introduced with discussion of the need and importance of conducting this new survey. 

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