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Literature (LIT)

LIT-101 Intro to Literature, 3 cr.
Examines literary elements of three major genres of literature: short fiction, poetry, drama and film. Includes both contemporary and traditional works.
LIT-110 American Lit to Mid-1800’s, 3 cr.
Explores major American writers (including Native Americans) and their contributions to American letters from Puritan times to 1865.
LIT-111 American Lit Since Mid-1800’s, 3 cr.
Explores major American writers and their contributions to American letters from the post-Civil War era through modern periods.
LIT-120 American Novel, 3 cr.
A survey of the American Novel with emphasis on 20th century works.
LIT-124 American Poetry, 3 cr.
Survey of modern American poetry. Examines both the works and lives of 13 of America’s greatest poets.
LIT-130 African American Literature, 3 cr.
Students will examine the literary, artistic, and sociopolitical traditions of the black experience in America. A variety of fiction and nonfiction works will be analyzed with emphasis on slave narratives, turn of the century political writings, the Harlem Renaissance, the Black Arts Movement, and contemporary cultural texts.
LIT-133 Minority Voices in U.S. Lit, 3 cr.
An introduction to writers from American minority groups, considered in the social and cultural contexts of the various groups. Includes discussing and writing about various issues.
LIT-150 World Literature I, 3 cr.
Literature from the Ancients, classical Greece and the Renaissance.
LIT-151 World Literature II, 3 cr.
Literature from the Enlightenment through Romanticism, Realism and Naturalism to Modernism.
LIT-161 The Short Story, 3 cr.
Evolution of the short story as a literary form, with emphasis on analysis and appreciation.
LIT-184 Young Adult Literature, 3 cr.
This course is designed to help adults who work with young adults become more familiar with teens and their literature, and select the best literature available based upon criteria and sources that allow for the selection of the best literature for young adults.
LIT-195 Nature of Evil in Literature, 3 cr. 

A study of the social idea of evil as it is reflected in literature through the centuries (from Paradise Lost to the Exorcist). Prerequisite: ENG-105 

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