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History (HIS)

HIS-110 Western Civilization: Ancient to Modern, 3 cr.
Surveys the origins of human civilization in the Near East, the great rise of Greece and Rome and concludes with the Enlightenment.
HIS-111 Western Civilization: Modern to Present, 3 cr.
Examines an extremely dynamic phase of European and world history.
HIS-151 U.S. History to 1877, 3 cr.
Study of national foundations, colonial background, revolution, confederation and institutions; nationalism and expansion. The growth of democracy and war plus reconstruction are analyzed.
HIS-152 U.S. History Since 1877, 3 cr.
Covers re-union growth of big business, expansion and World War I, rise to world power, isolation, modern industry, depression, recovery and internationalism.
HIS-201 Iowa History, 3 cr.
Provides an understanding of the history of Iowa as it relates to international history. Special attention is given to ethnic groups and their contributions.
HIS-251 U.S. History 1945 to Present, 3 cr.
Investigation of the rise of the United States after World War II to the modern country of the present. Topics include: aftermath of World War II, nuclear power, the Cold War, Vietnam, diplomacy, presidential power, and family life.
HIS-255 American Indian History & Culture I, 3 cr.
A survey of the important events and cultures of the Native American people from the earliest times to the reservation era. The survey will be limited to the Native people of the United States and Alaska.
HIS-257 African American History, 3 cr.
Deals with the experience of blacks in the history of the United States. Topics include African Heritage, the slave trade, slavery in the Antebellum South, the Civil War and emancipation, the Jim Crow era, the Harlem Renaissance, the civil rights struggle, and modern black America.

HIS-949 Special Topics, 3 cr.
Special Topics expands the curriculum by allowing students to enroll for up to three semester credits in a specific course or program area. Subject matter may be an in-depth extension of the particular area and is developed by the teaching faculty to meet unique interests and needs of the student. Students may apply up to, but no more than, three semester credit hours of Special Topics courses toward their general education requirements. The course will focus on World War II, the events leading to, overview of important developments during the war and analyze the impact and long-term consequences of the war.

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