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Health Information Technology (HIT)

HIT-244 Basic CPT Coding, 3 cr.
Systematic coding concepts using CPT/HCPCS coding and classification systems. Emphasis is placed on assigning and classifying valid procedure codes in ambulatory care, emergency room, operating room and physician office settings. Students work with actual medical records, placing emphasis on accuracy outpatient coding guidelines and conventions, reimbursement and billing as well as compliance issues.
HIT-242 Coding I (ICD 10), 3cr.
 This course provides instruction in the ICD-10 coding system. Students assign ICD-10 codes to medical diagnoses and procedures. 
HIT-312 Health Informatics & Information Management Systems, 3 cr.
The health information professional plays a central role in the delivery of health care including the development and implementation of the electronic health record and management of data. This course introduces the student to basic principles of health information management, basic concepts of clinical data management and overview of information technology.
HIT-601 Medical Transcription, 2 cr.
Develops proficiency in the use of dictation and transcription equipment.  Medical cases will be utilized to acquire skills that will enable the student to design and transcribe 7 types of reports utilized in the medical offices and clinics today.  Application, proofreading as well as medical terminology and anatomy is continuous within the learning process. Pre-req: CSC-110 & HSC-114 Co. Req: Bio-168, BIO-173, & HSC_217
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