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Graphic Communications (GRA)

GRA-118 Electronic Publishing, 3 cr.
Basic understanding of the components used in an electronic publishing system and an introduction to desktop publishing. Emphasis is on using a computer for page layout using existing art, creating art and combining text and art to create page layouts and output to hard copy. Students will learn about the basics of design and layout, typography and about the many design tools and resources available. 

GRA-121 Digital Drawing, 3 cr.
Introduction to vector based drawing application. Students will create both black and white and multi-color graphics using application tools and menu commands. Various projects of interest will be completed during the semester that incorporate your understanding of drawing tools, color theory, and typography.  

GRA-140 Digital Imaging, 3 cr.
This introductory course covers the core concepts associated with digital imaging. Adobe Photoshop is used for creating, manipulating, and enhancing digital images for print and screen-based media. Students learn how to effectively use this software in a graphic design environment; planning and carrying out professional digital imaging projects. This course introduces both basic visual design concepts and a comprehensive understanding of digital workflow, providing the student with a foundation for print, web, interactive, animation, and game design projects. 

GRA-141  Digital Imaging II, 3 cr. 
This course advances the ideas and techniques taught in Digital Imaging I with an emphasis on Adobe Photoshop CS5 3D tools, and exporting images for use in Adobe After Effects and Flash multimedia projects. Students will also explore advanced techniques in the use of curves, levels, blending modes, special effects, as well as painting and drawing tools.  Students will be challenged as a designer working with real-world projects. Prerequisite: GRA-140

GRA-158 Web Multimedia, 3 cr.
This course focuses on the creation of web animations and practical knowledge regarding basic video capturing, editing and how to create it for presentations, video CDs/DVDs and the web. Students will gain practical knowledge of image animation for the web and how to capture video for different formats, edit the video, convert it for use in different platforms and how to burn it to CD or DVD. Popular software will be used to create and manipulate images and to explore various video and audio formats including streaming video.

GRA-162 Web Page Graphics, 3 cr.
An introduction to the creation of graphics and animation for use on web pages using current software programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash. This course first introduces the standard Web based image formats and then quickly moves into the Flash environment. Flash concepts include animation basics, tweening, Flash symbols and instances, buttons, movie clips, and beginning ActionScript.

GRA-166 Web Animations, 3cr.
This course advances the ideas introduced in Flash I (GRA-228) to create interactive and media rich content for a variety of projects. As this is an advanced level course, you'll be expected to excel in your projects through your efforts. Students will continue working on time and sound sequencing, storyboard planning for information mapping and animations, rendering files and documents for CD or the Internet. Students will learn advanced ActionScript 3.0 scripting technologies that extend the creative function of web animation. Unique vector and raster methods will be employed while working with software such as Adobe Flash. Students will further their problem solving abilities to utilize time and materials for solutions to distinct interactive problems.


GRA-173 Typography, 3 cr.
This course explores the fundamental principles of typography and its role in visual communication. Students will explore both the form and function of typography in design through lectures and demonstrations. Emphasis is placed on the history of type, anatomy of letter forms, and appropriate uses of type.

GRA-175 Graphic Design, 3 cr.
Students work with advanced design problems and concepts. A semester long case study of a company will result in the research, design, and production of a marketing plan, logo, research materials, and other graphic assets necessary to move the company business strategy forward.

GRA-188 Advert Layout & Composition, 3 cr.
Balance, proportion and harmony as they apply to printed images on paper. Type selection, copy-fitting, use of ornaments and the psychology of advertising are explored. Students design for web or social media platforms.

GRA-228 Flash I, 3cr.
This introductory course focuses on developing an understanding of manipulating two-dimensional objects into an animation for the web. Students will work with storyboards, vector graphics, timing and key framing, sound, nesting and scenes, and rendering. Project's final output will be posted on the web or produced for CD. Major software used in this course includes Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. All aspects of course projects will be completed by the student - this includes original imagery, sound and video, and artwork. The assignments will acquaint students with the needs and procedures of creating 2D web animations for the market and still be a balance of both web and video animation.

GRA-234 Dreamweaver Level I, 3 cr.
This introductory course focuses on the proper use of web technologies to design and develop web sites. You will use Adobe Dreamweaver to learn how to create properly structured XHTML and Cascading Style Sheet documents, incorporate images, work with colors and backgrounds, present data in tables, and use CSS for laying out web pages.

GRA-235 Dreamweaver Level II, 3 cr.
This course focuses on Advanced CSS and XHTML as well as benefits of web standards and their role in Search Engine Optimization. Topics include CSS navigation methods, advanced CSS layouts and techniques, working with and styling forms, formatting and styling tables, frames and framesets, styling and controlling pages for print, alternative media style sheets, controlling presentation for mobile devices, and working with multiple style sheets.

GRA-236 Dreamweaver Level III, 3 cr.
Combines skills learned from Dreamweaver Levels 1 & 2 with server-side languages and databases such as PHP and MySQL. Topics include PHP syntax and language operating environment, using control structures, loops, and arrays in PHP, form processing, database manipulation, handling record sets, data validation, and concepts and design of Content Management Systems. 

GRA-325  Digital Color Theory, 3 cr.
Students work with advanced design problems and concepts. A semester long case study of a company will result in the research, design, and production of a marketing plan, logo, research materials, and other graphic assets necessary to move the company business strategy forward.

GRA-801   Graphic Design Seminar I.  1 cr.
Opportunity for career exploration and development of job seeking skills. Emphasis is placed on familiarization of businesses employing graphic designs, resume preparation, and job seeking skills including preparation of job correspondence and application forms, and participation in job interviews for the purpose of obtaining a graphic design internship. 

GRA-802   Graphic Design Seminar II.  1 cr.
This class is for the student preparing to graduate. It enables the student to compile accomplished works into a quality portfolio presentation. Different types of digital portfolio systems are discussed and viewed. 

GRA-932 Internship, 2 cr.
Supervised, paid work experience in a business or industry involved in an area of graphic design.

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