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Foreign Language-Spanish (FLS)

FLS-104   Spanish for Professionals, 2 cr.
This course is designed to provide non-Spanish speaking professionals with functional skills in Spanish. Spanish phrases, commands and questions practical to education are covered. No prior knowledge of Spanish necessary.
FLS-141  Elementary Spanish I, 4 cr.
Introduction to the Spanish language and culture; practice in all the basic skills.
FLS-142  Elementary Spanish II, 4 cr.
Continuation of FLS-141, which is a prerequisite.
FLS-181 Spanish for Heritage Speakers, 4 cr.
This course is designed to address the needs of Hispanic/Latino students who can communicate in Spanish but need to develop their reading, writing and speaking skills in a more accelerated environment than a traditional Spanish course. It will provide students the grammatical tools they need to write effectively with respect to proper syntax, verb choice, accentuation rules and spelling. Students will learn to apply these rules to their speaking skills and identify them in listening skills. Instructor’s consent required.
FLS-241  Intermediate Spanish I, 4 cr.
Review and expansion of grammar, selected reading and further practice in oral and written communication. Prerequisite: FLS-142.
FLS-242  Intermediate Spanish II, 4 cr.

Continuation of FLS-241, which is a prerequisite. 

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