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Computer Programming (CIS)

CIS-125 Intro Program Logic W/Language, 3 cr.
Studies the most commonly used structured techniques of flow charting included with the concept of data flow in large integrated systems. Also included are systems design, systems analysis and systems development for data processing solutions.

CIS-141 Computer Science, 3 cr.
Introduction to the concepts of computer programming presenting modern structured design and techniques using Visual Basic 6.0 programming language.

CIS-143 Advanced Computer Science, 4cr
This course is a continuation of program design and analysis for students with some prior programming experience.  It is designed to expand students’ knowledge of computer science and sharpen their programming skills. Topics to be covered include an overview of fundamental programming concepts as well as object oriented programming techniques, classes, inheritance, graphical user interfaced, layout managers and event, exception handlers, and database connectivity.

CIS-146   Introduction to Video Game Development, 3 cr.
This course will introduce students to all aspects of the game development process.  The course will begin with a brief history of the gaming industry and then delve into the specific design phases. Emphasis will be placed on the development of the design document and evaluating real world examples.  Character design and storyboarding will be discussed as well as gaming genres and gaming consoles.   

CIS-147   3D Level Design for Games, 3 cr.
This course will give students a hands on, example based introduction to the level design process for use in 3D games.  Students will learn to use industry standard design programs and will understand basic lighting, texturing, NPC (non player character) and object placement as well as level layout concepts.  Students will critique professional and peer designed levels through play testing and critical analysis.

CIS-148   3D Modeling and Character Animation, 3 cr.
This course will give students a hands-on, example based introduction to the modeling and animation process for use in movies or games. Colors, textures, physical simulations, and keyframe based animation are covered.

CIS-161 C++, 3 cr.
Structured language which is powerful, efficient and versatile. The student can write programs from very simple applications to advanced editors, operating systems and sophisticated application programs.

CIS-162 C++, 4 cr.
This course introduces the general characteristics of C++. Students will learn to write code, execute, debug, explore the immense documentation and implement strategies. Prerequisite: Fundamentals of programming using Basic.

CIS-166 C++ for Game Developers, 3 cr.
The goal of this course is to give students advanced exposure to the C++ programming language as it pertains to game development.  C++ is considered the standard language in the field and this course will provide hands-on examples coupled with theory that applies directly to gaming.  Topics covered include basic programming constructs, object oriented programming, references and pointers, the standard template library, functions, and dynamic memory allocation. Advanced concepts include data structures and algorithms directly relevant to game programming. Prerequisite: CIS-125

CIS-171 Java, 3 cr.
Introduces basic Java language concepts by building applications and applets. Students will build graphic user interfaces using the Abstract Windowing Toolkit. Advanced Java concepts will be discussed. Prerequisites: CIS-141 and CIS-125.

CIS-204 Intro to Website Development, 3 cr.
This course will give students the opportunity to explore web development concepts without the aid of design products like Adobe Dreamweaver. This course will begin with a brief history of the technological constructs of the Internet followed by an in depth, hands on approach to XHTML, CSS along with basic JavaScript. Concepts will include XHTML Documents Type Descriptions, basic formatting, hyperlinks, handling graphics and XHTML events, and various XHTML tags. JavaScript concepts will include: The Document Object Model, variables, statements, loops, decisions and program logic. Students will be exposed to the new tags and properties of HTML5 and CSS3.

CIS-332 Data Base and SQL, 3 cr.
To provide students with a foundation in the design, implementation and management of database systems. A vast array of new terminology will be introduced and an illustration of the physical and logical representation of data will be presented through the use of theory and practice. The concepts of Data Modeling, Normalization and the SQL language will be explored in depth followed by actual implementation in case studies and class projects. We will also discuss the role of database technology in modern industry. Microsoft Access will be the database management system used to apply the concepts in and outside of class.

CIS-366 Game Development I, 3 cr.
This course exposes students to 2-dimensional game development concepts using the Torque2D game engine.  Students will learn concepts related to 2d game development and then apply what they learn to a variety of scenarios through examples and tutorials.  The culmination of this course involves creating a fully functional 2d game.  Topics include:  introduction to the Torque2D software, level editing, sprites (animated and static), networking, behaviors, scripting, basic physics, GUI development, and sound. Prerequisite: CIS-125

CIS-367 Game Development II, 3 cr.This project-based, portfolio building course expands the concepts introduced in Game Development I.  There will be more emphasis on C++ code editing, under the hood, of the game engine of choice. Pre-requisite:  CIS-366, CIS-125

CIS-612 Advanced Visual Basic, 3 cr.
This course expands upon concepts of computer programming knowledge gained from Computer Science I (CIS-141), presenting modern structured design and techniques using Visual BASIC programming language, as well as gaining some insight to industry database programming with a brief introduction to Object Orientated Programming.

CIS-941 Computer Science Practicum, 3 cr., 5 cr.
Students will gain practical experience at individual work stations and will be required to report on their field experience. Evaluations will be based on their on-site performance.

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