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Computer Networking (NET)

NET-122 Computer Hardware Basics, 3 cr.
How to prepare and evaluate system specifications, troubleshoot minor hardware problems, configure and install hardware, manage memory, modify and use diagnostic software.
NET-140 Networking Essentials, 4 cr.
Foundational training in local area networking technology serving as a general introduction to LANs, WANs and the internet. Topics include IQRs, network interface cards (NIC), cabling (coax, STP, UTP and fiber), ARCNET, network protocols, hubs, routers and bridges.
NET-142 Network Essentials, 3 cr.
Network Essentials introduces the networking field. The course focuses on network terminology and protocols, local area networks (LAN), wide-area networks (WANs), Open System Interconnect (OSI) models cabling, cabling tools, routers, router programming, Ethernet, Internet Protocol (IP) addressing, and network standards. Instruction and training are provided in the proper care, maintenance, and use of networking software tools, and equipment and all local, state, and federal safety, building, and environmental codes and regulations.(3/0)
NET-148 Basic Networking and Computer Technology, 3 cr.
Foundational training in local area networking technology, protocols, and installation procedures. Troubleshooting minor hardware problems, installing hardware, system configuration, and run diagnostics.
NET-910 Co-op Work Experience, 3 cr., 5 cr.
Supervised work experience in the information technology field. 
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