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Communication (COM)

COM-723 Workplace Communications, 3 cr.
Developing skills in reading, writing and listening as they apply to students’ vocational needs.
COM-725 Workplace Communications Essentials, 2 cr.
Refining of skills in reading, writing and listening as they apply to the student’s vocational needs.
COM-753 Technical Communications, 3 cr.
This course is designed to prepare students for the oral and written communication situations in the working world. The major areas of study include technical communication principles, oral communications, composing technical documents, and using Standard English. Writing projects require the use of a word processing program; therefore, computer experience is recommended.
COM-780 Written Communication in Workplace, 2 cr.
Reading, writing and thinking exercises for vocational preparation.
COM-781 Written Communication in Workplace, 3 cr.   
This course focuses on composition and editing of curriculum-specific technical and business-related writing projects.  Instruction includes formatting, information gathering, document drafting, editing, and written employment strategies.
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