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Chemistry (CHM)

CHM-151 College Chemistry I, 4 cr.
The first of two general survey courses introducing the student to general, organic and biological chemistry. Topics covered are chemical calculations, atomic structure, nuclear chemistry, periodic relations, gas laws, solid state, solutions, and acids and bases. Lecture and laboratory.
CHM-152 College Chemistry II, 4 cr.
Continuation of CHM-151. Covers kinetics and equilibrium of chemical reactions as well as acid-base theory. Hydrocarbon naming and reactions are also covered, including alcohols, carbohydrates, amines, acids, acid derivatives, lipids, amino acids, nucleic acids and proteins, SNA, RNA and metabolism. Lecture and laboratory. Prerequisite: CHM-151.
CHM-166 General Chemistry I, 5 cr.
The properties of matter in terms of modern chemical principles. The topics covered are measurements, stoichiometry, atomic structure, chemical reactions, periodic relationships, gas laws, thermochemistry, quantum theory, solutions and equilibrium and inter-and intra-molecular forces. Problem solving in each of the areas is included. Lecture and laboratory. Prerequisite: High school chemistry and mathematics.
CHM-176 General Chemistry II, 5 cr.
Acids and bases, oxidation/reduction, solubility products, and nuclear chemistry, kinetics, equilibrium, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, coordination complexes, qualitative analysis, and an introduction to organic chemistry. Problem solving in each of the areas is included. Includes microscale and semimicroscale lab. Prerequisite: CHM-166.
CHM-190 Intro to Forensic Chemistry, 4 cr.
This course covers the basics of chemistry as it relates to the forensic lab. In the course we will cover the basics of evidence collection, clues at the atomic level, the basics of chemical evidence including DNA evidence. Also covered will be the use of chemistry in explosives, arson investigations, poisoning, and estimating time of death of a victim. Lecture and laboratory.
CHM-263 Organic Chemistry I, 5 cr.
This is part of a year long rigorous survey of Organic Chemistry. Modern Organic Chemistry, including nomenclature, syntheses, structure, bonding, mechanisms and carbon and its compounds. This course is for students majoring in pre-medicine, pre-veterinary medicine, chemistry, biological sciences, and for anyone planning to take further courses in chemistry. Lecture and Laboratory. Prerequisite: CHM-176
CHM-273 Organic Chemistry II, 5 cr.
Continuation of CHM-263. This is part of a year long rigorous survey of Organic Chemistry. Classes of organic compounds studied will be aldehydes, ketones, acids and acid derivatives, amines and nitrogen derived compounds. Aromatic compounds, reactions, mechanisms, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, and proteins are covered. Lecture and laboratory. Prerequisite: CHM-263.
CHM-948 Special Projects, 2 cr.
Special problems in organic chemistry to cover deficiencies in a student’s organic chemistry background.
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