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Business (BUS)

BUS-102 Intro to Business, 3 cr.
The basic fundamentals of business. Basic business and economic concepts and terminology; management, marketing, finance, human resource management, accounting and other business areas.
BUS-106 Employment Strategy, 2 cr.
Students are exposed to areas of retailing through field trips and interaction with people currently in the retail business. The class will involve job seeking skills and include actual job search and interviewing experience.
BUS-110 Business Math and Calculators, 3 cr.
A study of the mathematics of business in its application to a variety of vocations including fundamental mathematical processes, fractions, price and cost, interest, bank discounts, cash and trade discounts, depreciation, payroll and taxes, and financial statements. Students will acquire the skills to use Microsoft Excel to perform each concept as well as using the traditional methods.
BUS-115 Business Correspondence, 2 cr.
The course emphasizes correct grammar, punctuation, spelling and tone as applicable to written business communications, letters and memos. Included are techniques for writing informational, persuasive, sales, and good and bad news messages.    

BUS-121 Business Communications, 3 cr. 
Communication skills necessary in the business world, including use of the telephone, interviews, job applications, listening skills and letter writing.
BUS-125 Business Principles, 2 cr.
Guidelines for starting and operating a successful business.
BUS-126 Business Principles, 3 cr.
Introduction to record keeping, financing, employee benefits and employer problems.
BUS-130 Intro to Entrepreneurship, 3 cr.
This course emphasizes these processes: understanding how to find, analyze and pursue an opportunity; understanding oneself and personality characteristics of the “entrepreneur,” examining the environment for entrepreneurship. A case and experiential approach is used.
BUS-150 E-Commerce, 3 cr.
Students are introduced to the basic elements of electronic commerce as a market where commercial activities are conducted. It will focus on business concepts and how to apply technology in order to be successful. Topics include market trends, globalizing a company, vendor solutions, storefronts, advertising, resource requirements, and operational issues of launching a commercial presence in today’s global electronic marketplace.
BUS-154 E-Business, 3 cr.
E-Business will cover the unique aspects of creating a business strategy in the E-Business environment and will focus on the internet as a medium for promotion and distribution. E-Business will discuss how traditional marketing and business arenas can be transformed in this environment.
BUS-160 Human Relations, 2 cr.
Students are given the opportunity to apply human relations concepts and evaluate experience and observations. Social skills required in various occupational settings will be developed, emphasizing how appropriate personal attitudes lead to social and business success.
BUS-161 Human Relations, 3 cr.
Students are given the opportunity to apply human relations concepts and evaluate experience and observations. Social skills required in various occupational settings will be developed, emphasizing how appropriate personal attitudes lead to social and business success.
BUS-175 Business Seminar I, 1 cr.
Introduces business and accounting students to career opportunities in the business world. The course includes methods of networking and the processes needed to successfully begin a career.
BUS-183 Business Law, 3 cr.
Introduction to the development of law in our society — the legal rights and social forces of government, business, society and contracts. Presented under the legal framework of the Uniform Commercial Code.
BUS-185 Business Law I, 3cr.
Business Law 1 is an introduction to Business Law in the areas of legal environment of business, contract law, contracts for the sale of goods (UCC) and real and personal property law.
BUS-186 Business Law II, 3 cr.
A continuation of BUS-185 in the area of sales, principal agent relationships, commercial paper, creditor rights, and secured transactions, real property, and bailments, as time permits.
BUS-197 Leadership Development, 3 cr.
This course explores leadership styles effective in the workplace and helps participants gain insight into their natural leadership style and implications of that style on work and group performance.
BUS-200 Time, Stress & Change Management, 3 cr.
This course provides students with the theories, tools, and resources to develop effective strategies that deal with managing time, stress, and change both personally and professionally. Focus will be placed on identifying, managing and/or solving real life situations.
BUS-211 Business Statistics/MAT-157 Statistics, 4 cr.
This course provides a foundation of statistical concepts and procedures that can aid the student as both a consumer and producer of statistical information.  The course emphasizes descriptive and inferential statistical methods, probability, estimation, hypothesis testing and linear regression.  Students are also introduced to software as it applies to introductory statistical methods. Prerequisite: appropriate placement score.
BUS-212 Business Statistics II, 3 cr.
A continuation of BUS-211 or MAT-157. Application of statistics in a business context and use of computer software for statistics. Prerequisite: BUS-211 or MAT-157.
BUS-250 Principles of Real Estate, 3 cr.
Fundamental principles of real estate evaluation, brokerage, financing structure, construction and real estate law.
BUS-255 Real Estate Prelicensure, 3 cr.
This 60 hour prelicense course is required by the Iowa Real Estate Commission prior to examination for an Iowa Real Estate Salesperson license. Upon completion of this 60 hour curriculum a participant will be exposed to principles of real estate, terminology, mathematic calculations, procedures and ethics necessary to enable them to understand the real estate profession, prepare them to take the Real Estate Salesperson Examination, and to function as a well informed real estate salesperson.
BUS-259 Property/Liability Insurance Principles, 3 cr.
This introductory course addresses the fundamentals of property and liability insurance including risk, the methods of handling loss exposures, the effective use of insurance, insurance contracts, the regulation of the insurance industry, and the financial analysis of property and liability insurers. Other topics include marketing, underwriting, and claims settlement.
On-the-job training, usually full time, in a small business or related enterprise.
BUS-938 Office On-The-Job Training, 5 cr.
Apprenticeship in office systems. Students will work as regular employees in offices supervised by staff members.
BUS-949 Special Topics, 3 cr.

Thirty-two students from the University of Iowa, University of Northern Iowa, Iowa State University, Buena Vista University and Iowa Lakes Community College will participate in an advanced study of entrepreneurship including a team-based entrepreneurial venture computer simulation, seminars with successful entrepreneurs, business and community leaders, and networking and mentoring to enhance students’ understanding of entrepreneurship opportunities in Iowa.

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