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Automation Tech & Robotics (ATR)

ATR-105 Industrial Robotics, 3 cr.
Industrial Robotics covers the pertinent subjects to understanding how robots work and how they are programmed. It covers the aspects of robot motion and how a robot can be integrated and synchronized with other counterparts in a manufacturing environment. Prerequisite: ELE-136.

ATR-106 Motion Control, 3 cr.
This course provides the student with an understanding of the concepts, terminology, functionality and applications of motion control. This course will provide the foundation for learning the skills necessary to maintain and program motion control systems. Topics include servo motors, stepper motors, motion controllers, feedback systems and servo-mechanisms. Pre-Req- ELT-125 (Advanced PLC)

ATR-253 Robotic Programming, 3 cr.
Robotic Programming is a course that will cover the development of robotic applications and common basic programming instructions used in industrial robotic platforms. Prerequisite: ATR-105.

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