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Art (ART)

Introduces art as a visual language, along with the methods and materials used. A brief art survey is also included, with the intent of helping the student become more informed about the visual arts.
This foundation course focuses on the general knowledge and essential skills used in creating two dimensional designs. Fundamental design concepts including the use of the elements and principles of design, along with color theory, are introduced through a variety of hands-on-experiences.
A studio-oriented course designed to use the computer as a tool for creating two-dimensional imagery. Technology is now used daily in the world of art including fine arts, graphic arts, and more. Ideally, the student should have access to the all or some of the following programs and peripherals: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Paint, a digital camera or scanner. Other items that could be utilized: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, printer, and other software appropriate for art and graphic design. In addition, the student should feel comfortable sending images and files via email and the internet.
Introductory course using electronic media as applied to specific problems in illustration, with an emphasis on creating pathways from hand drawn comprehensives to finished digital output. Various traditional media are used for references for digitally produced illustrations.
For the beginning drawing student. A variety of approaches and techniques will be used to develop and/or enhance the student’s drawing skills. Exploration and experimentation with alternative drawing materials and methods will be strongly encouraged and supported.
Continuation and elaboration of ART-133. Prerequisite: ART-133.
The fundamentals of painting. A variety of painting media will be used, including oil, watercolor and acrylic. Diverse subject matter and approaches to painting will also be explored.
Continuation of ART-143 with emphasis on a more personal approach regarding technique and imagery. Prerequisite: ART-143.
A studio class providing exploratory experiences in forming, firing, and decorating clay.
Continuation of Ceramics I with an emphasis on the development of a personal approach to form. Prerequisite: ART-173.
ART-286 Photography: Portraiture, 3 cr.
Introduction to the art of portrait photography. Prerequisite: JOU-173
Instructor guided independent experiences in art.
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