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Agriculture-Farm Management (AGB)

AGB-194 Beginning Sales, 2 cr.
Basic selling techniques, with emphasis on retail selling, role playing in sales situations and video playback critique.
Introduction to business law which interprets the rights and social forces of business, society, government and contracts.
Preparation for using a versatile computerized farm accounting system.
AGB-327 Principles of Farm Business Management, 2 cr.
Current principles and practices of farm management. Production enterprise budgets, partial budgets and cash flow budgets are explored.
Studies livestock and grain futures marketing methods including product quality, methods and options.
Introduction to the commodity futures markets, with information on contract specifications, exchanges, basic trading information, and fundamental and technical market information.
Strategies to increase proficiency in commodity and option marketing. Includes knowledge needed to sit for the Series 3 National Futures Examination.

Studies the sources and uses of farm credit to maximize farm income. Balance sheets, income statements and cost of financing options are a critical component of this class. 

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