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Agriculture-Comprehensive (AGC)

This course includes basic knowledge of computer hardware and operation. Software applications include word processing, spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations, internet, and email.
AGC-103 Agricultural Computers, 3 cr.
This course includes basic knowledge of computer hardware and operation with an agriculture emphasis.  Applications include word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, internet, email, Iowa Lakes Portal, eCompanion, Web Advisor and industry specific software.
A computer class designed to teach Spreadsheet, Database, and Desktop Publishing Skills. Continuation of AGC-106.
Teaches American Red Cross basic first aid and American Heart Association cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
Preparation of the farm management student for entry into the non-family farm job market.
AGC-215 Career Seminar, 1 cr.
Student observes an agribusiness operation without pay.(Formerly AG-227A - Empl Exp Observ-Agribusiness)
Studies the application of crop production and animal science production practices through field studies trips. Study trips will involve research farms, industry field days, extension field days and area farms.
AGC-936  Occupational Experience, 3 cr.
This course provides an employment experience at a local agribusiness or farm. The employment site or farm will provide a training sponsor in cooperation with an instructor/coordinator from the college staff. Students will gain hands-on experience in observing and by demonstrating the knowledge and skills developed in the classroom.  
AGC-937  Occupational Experience II, 3 cr
AGC-938 Occupational Experience III  3 cr
AGC-939 Occupational Experience IV, variable credit
This course is a required on the job training experience in the Agribusiness and Ag Production curriculum. Students work in an agricultural setting gaining employment experiences while applying skills and technologies developed in the classroom.
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