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Agriculture-Animal Science (AGS)

This course is an introduction in animal science including various species and breeds of domestic animals and gives them an appreciation for the principles of production, biological principles, stewardship, and animal industries as they relate to animal production in the U.S. and the world.
Introduction to the basics of livestock and poultry production.
Animal environment and adaptation, animal health and animal behavior as it relates to production and non-production species.
Provides information about the cause, nature, prevention, and treatment of the common health problems of farm animals. Identifies animal behavior and develops a herd health program.
Nutritional principles, digestive systems, composition and nutritional characteristics of common feedstuffs, ration formulation and recommended feeding programs for farm animals.
To provide students with hands on skills in artificial insemination in beef cows.
A study of various aspects of swine production followed by in-depth units on farrowing management and production skills
and techniques.
Course deals with swine management concerns in confinement operations.
Basic introduction to swine confinement systems and management, including operation of equipment, ventilationsystems and record keeping.
Basic swine production skills and theory including nutrition, feeding, feed budgeting and feed handling, and general swine management practices to achieve successful grower-finisher and wean-to-finish management.
Provides an in-depth background for utilizing basic swine management principles.
Includes management, nutrition and breeding practices in a beef cow operation through classroom and practical experience.
Management of the beef cow herd with concentration on breed identification, reproduction, genetics, selection, calving
management and record keeping systems.
Classroom and farm lab instruction covering establishment, management, economics and nutritional value of forage systems for ruminant animals.
Studies the buying, selling, nutrition, health and management of a beef feed lot operation.
Continuation of AGS-556.
A hands on lab where students gain skills in feeding management of beef enterprises.
A hands on lab where students gain hands on skills in beef cow and calf management.
A hands on lab where students gain skills in pasture management practices involving MIG (Managed Intensive Grazing) and silage harvesting practices.
A hands on lab where students gain skills in basic production practices needed in the swine life cycle. (Breeding, farrowing, nursery and finishing)
A hands on lab where students gain skills needed to effectively manage Technician level employees. Also includes production record data input, records analysis and development of work lists to manage the swine operation.
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