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Agriculture-Agronomy (AGA)

Covers the basic principles of crop production, including classification, soil-plant interrelationships and growth process in response to environment.
Course acquaints students with the activities of a complex plant during growth and reproduction and furthers the understanding of how these activities affect the normal production practices – planting, spraying, fertilizing, harvesting, etc.
An introduction to basic soil formation, classification, physical properties, water, organic matter, pH, and fertility.
Introduction to basic soil formation, soil component parts, classification, soil productivity characteristics, soil sampling, soil test interpretation, soil management and soil amendments.
Course designed to give theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the operation of a combine, grain drying and grain storing equipment.
Preparation for the student to pass the state of Iowa Custom Applicators Core Manual examination. Includes safe use and handling of pesticides.
Preparation for the student to pass the state of Iowa Custom Applicators Core Manual examination.  Includes safe use and handling of pesticides.
Studies soil fertilization, with emphasis on fertilizer material and applications, blending, soil test recommendations and handling in meeting crop needs.
Course teaches the understanding of the manufacture of fertilizer, physical and chemical characteristics, materials and handling, and new technologies in application of fertilizers, including equipment and materials.
Collection and identification of weed and insect pests affecting corn and soybeans.
Assists the student in developing the concepts of integrated pest management as they relate to cultural, mechanical, chemical and biological controls.

An individualized course for students wishing to develop a more in-depth or specialized study of agronomic information. 

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