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Registrar's Office

Administrative Assistant (ADM)

ADM-106 Intro to Keyboarding, 2 cr.
Teaches the basic computer keyboard using the touch method to develop speed and accuracy.
Tabulations, letters, reports and other production work for students with previous instruction in keyboarding, but with insufficient skill to qualify for the next course.
Provides skills and competencies in basic mathematical functions and in the operation of electronic calculators. Emphasis is on solving business problems and in developing speed and accuracy.
Using WordPerfect or other word processing software on microcomputers to learn creating, retrieving, saving, editing, sorting, and printing documents. Various features of the program such as merging, macros, sorting, columns, tables, graphics and desktop publishing are covered.
Includes modern office skills and technologies, including word processing, automation, records management, reprographics, communication services, time management and methods of handling stress, meeting and travel arrangements and career advancement.
Students will learn employability skills while developing professional and leadership skills.  Students will create a resume and review positive interview skills while reviewing for the national certification exam.  Students will also review concepts like bioethics, risk management, teamwork, group dynamics, and critical thinking and leadership in order to apply them to their own professional development plan.
Introduction to Business Professionals of America activities, which includes preparation for state and national competitive events, leadership and professional development.  P/Q grading
Business Professionals of America prepares the student for their chosen profession by assisting them in their leadership and professional development for the workplace. Continuation of ADM-254.  P/Q grading
Continuation of ADM-255.  P/Q grading
Continuation of ADM-354.  P/Q grading
Apprenticeship in office systems. Students work as regular employees in offices supervised by staff members. This work experience is introductory to meet the student’s abilities and career objectives.
Practical field experience arranged to include office work, direct leadership, and procedures related to career work. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.


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