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Speech (SPC)

SPC-101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication, 3 cr.
Development of the basic skills involved in variety of speaking situations, including oral presentations and interpersonal speaking. Emphasis is placed on organization, voice, articulation, listening, non-verbal communication, critical thinking, and methods of dealing with speech apprehension.
SPC-112 Public Speaking, 3 cr.
This course helps students develop confidence in both professional and personal presentation skills. Topics include audience analysis in both professional and personal presentation skills, critical thinking, organization, effective listening, audience message retention, and the use of visual help. Course requirements include that the student be actively engaged in researching appropriate related material from newspapers, periodicals, or the web. This research will enhance the students learning and develop deeper insights into the course topics.  The instructor will define specific course related assignments that require active research efforts as a requirement for successful course completion.
SPC-122 Interpersonal Communications, 3 cr.
Examines how humans communicate in one-on-one situations through personal and professional relationships.
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