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Construction (CON)

CON-106 Construction Welding, 1 cr.
Welding techniques applicable to the construction trade.
CON-113 Construction Print Reading, 2 cr.
Studies the builders’ visual language and communication.
CON-120 Construction Estimating, 1 cr.
Estimating techniques used at the lumber desk at a retail establishment.
CON-125 Construction Estimating II, 3 cr.
Construction Estimation II is an extension of the concepts learned in the first year in Construction Estimation. Processes learned in the first year class will be implemented and put into practice. Industry professionals will present different methods they use along with computerized estimation programs. Students will develop different estimation sheets for a specific task and implement into practice. 
CON-195 Foundations and Concrete, 5 cr.
This course is designed to have the student work with site prep, plan and on-site building layout, and foundation work along with basement bearing partitions. Also included will be interior and exterior concrete. The student will study slab-on-grade foundations, poured and block foundations, and permanent pressure-treated foundations. Estimating foundation and concrete materials will be covered.
CON-196 Fundamentals of Building with Structural Insulated Panels, 1 cr.
This course provides detailed training on structural insulated panels (SIPs).  It covers every aspect from design to installation to selling SIPs, and provides not only the “how-to” but the “why it works.”     
CON-201 Framing Techniques and Lab I, 2 cr.
Basic framing techniques with emphasis on identification and application. Lecture and laboratory. (Includes OSHA 10)
CON-217 Exterior Finishing, 3 cr.
Exterior finish work on residential and commercial structures. Lecture and laboratory.
CON-218 Framing Techniques & Lab II, 4 cr.
This course covers the framing of a structure including floor systems, exterior and interior bearing/non bearing walls, stairways, roof systems, exterior fascia and soffit framing along with exterior sheathing.
CON-228 Methods of Interior Finishing, 3 cr.
Covers interior finishing material and its installation in residential and commercial structures. Lecture and laboratory.
CON-229 Install of Interior Finishing, 3 cr.
Covers interior wall coverings and their application as well as thermal and sound insulation. Lecture and laboratory.
CON-238 Techniques of Exterior Covering, 4 cr.
This course is a study of the products used in the exterior covering of a residential project including various types and styles of roofing materials, siding and exterior wall coverings, soffit and fascia materials, flashings, trim and moldings, exterior fasteners, caulks and sealants, and paints and preservations.
CON-300  Optimum Value Engineering – Adv. Framing, 1 cr.
This course describes and explains advanced framing techniques that are used in high energy efficient framing in residential housing construction. Students will explore and apply ways to frame and finish framing systems that save energy but using proven techniques. Students will also go to current building projects and critique framing methods being used on site.
CON-351 Computer Generated Blueprint and Design, 3 cr.
This course is an overview of basic computer aided residential construction drafting and design.  It explores concepts, issues and methods in computer-aided design.  Emphasis is placed on the creation of two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional models using the design program.
CON-431 Construction Internship I, 6 cr.
On-the-job training to gain experience in the student’s field of interest.
CON-932 Internship, 3 cr.
The Construction Internship II provides on the job training for area of student interest. This course will have a manager’s or supervisor’s emphasis with job shadowing and leadership skills the main focus. Students will be required to document their time and discuss with instructor during scheduled meetings.
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