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Television Classes

Television System

Iowa Lakes has used its interactive television system to provide classes at each of its campuses, as well as to some local high schools for a number of years. Many of the courses available over the Iowa Lakes TV system are used to obtain a degree, thus making it possible for students to earn an A.A., A.S., or A.A.S. degree by attending any of the campuses. 

Iowa Lakes faculty may broadcast from any of the Iowa Lakes TV classrooms to multiple receiving sites in the system. With cameras and microphones in all the classrooms, the student has an interactive one-on-one communication with the instructor, just as in a face-to-face class. You can see, hear and talk to the instructor and with other students throughout the network. With this high-tech system, it makes learning through television a "live" experience.

Iowa Lakes offers an average of 30 live interactive courses to approximately 700 students per semester. Televised classes are listed in the Schedule booklet published each semester on the website.

Iowa Communications Network (ICN)

Since 1993, Iowa Lakes has delivered some courses via the Iowa Communications Network ICN .  The ICN is a statewide fiber optic communications systems that provides interactive video, voice, and data services. Students in these classes can see and hear the instructor and students at the other sites. Students use the push-to-talk microphones to communicate with others. There are approximately 700 instructional television classrooms in school districts, colleges, universities, AEAs, public libraries, governmental agencies, and other locations throughout the state of Iowa.

Opportunities for enrolling in diverse course offerings via the ICN have expanded in recent years.  The ICN also connects these classrooms by satellite to the rest of the world.  As a result, Iowa Lakes is able to offer a variety of courses on all levels, including both undergraduate and graduate courses, to residents of our communities.

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