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Program Events

Capstone Event

Infinity Scholar participants are required to attend and share their Capstone projects to Infinity Program participants, faculty, staff, and the general public.  Students have a chance to discuss their research project of interest.  Capstone events are scheduled at the end of each academic year usually in the month of April.

Nobel Conference

The next Nobel Conference, “Where Does Science Go from Here?” is October 7 and 8 at Gustavus Adolphus College.  The Nobel Conference celebrates fifty years this fall 2014!  Please ask a faculty mentor about this great event and opportunity!

Iowa Academy of Science

The Iowa Academy of Science furthers scientific research and education, while influencing public understanding and knowledge of science.  Infinity Scholarship Program participants have an opportunity to attend, and possibly present at an Iowa Academy of Science annual conference.  Please contact a faculty mentor to attend an Iowa Academy of Science annual conference.

Spring STEM Exploration Trip

Infinity Scholar students will be taking a trip in March of 2015 to Fermi Labs and Argonne National Labs in Chicago Illinois. Students will have the opportunity to visit with scientists who are performing world class research.

Undergraduate Research 

Infinity Scholarship participants have an opportunity to perform undergraduate research on an area of interest within their STEM program.  Please work with your faculty mentor to establish an undergraduate research activity.  


All Infinity participants are required to attend the Iowa Lakes Community College convocations.  Convocations are focused on various culturally-diverse activities.  Participants have the opportunity to see nationally-recognized artists and ensembles. 

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