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Student Testimonial: Jacob Hansen

Student Testimonial: Jacob Hansen

My current job is Wind Turbine Manager at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba. I work for the company Centerra as a civilian contractor for the Navy. I operate and maintain the 4 wind turbines on the base. Since all power must be made on the base it is very important to create as much renewable power as possible.

At Iowa Lakes, I was involved in the wind energy club where we helped raise money to send our class to the American Wind Energy Association Wind Power Conference. I was also involved in the TRIO-SSS Program. My second year in the TRIO-SSS program, I worked as a mentor for freshman getting adjusted to college life. TRIO-SSS was a great program that allowed me to meet up with fellow students and go to different events/activities. 

Iowa Lakes truly opened the door to my career. I was blessed to be surrounded by great instructors who took the time to make sure you understood the material. If I had to name a favorite instructor, I would list two: Al Zeitz and Michael Schmidt. Scholarships I received while at Iowa Lakes include: the Sanborn, Albee, Bookstore, and TRIO-SSS scholarships. Also, because of Iowa Lakes's Wind program having so much prestige in the wind industry, we had a lot of wind companies come in and meet with us. This allowed us to have great job opportunities once we graduated. Without Iowa Lakes I would not have the career I do now. 

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