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Winter Weather Closing Guidelines

Weather conditions may vary considerably throughout Area III. There are no exact guidelines for college closing in terms of inches of snow, since many factors including time of day, total snowfall, wind, visibility, temperature, amount of snow in ditches, recommendations from local emergency management, DOT etc. affect this decision. Iowa Lakes will not close based on K-12 school closings.

When Iowa Lakes Community College is open and conditions in the area warrant staying at home, each student and staff member must personally evaluate the weather conditions in their immediate area. No student or staff member is expected to jeopardize their personal well-being or safety to attend classes or work if weather conditions are marginal.

Should bad weather or other emergencies necessitate closing the College or delaying start of classes, the decision should be made between 5:30-6 a.m., with announcements given to broadcast by 6-6:15 a.m. for daytime classes.  The decision for canceling classes for evening should generally be made by 2:30-3 p.m., with announcements distributed to broadcast by 3-3:15 p.m. (See list) Because of the diverse weather conditions throughout our area and fast moving weather systems cancellations may be made later than the recommended time frame.  If college campus closes, all classes and events occurring on campus will be cancelled.  (Note: When the college opens students and faculty will go to their scheduled class.)

Anytime classes are delayed, the College will determine an appropriate open time based on weather conditions.


Anytime classes are canceled, the above applies to all Campuses and all Continuing Education classes.


Students and employees will be notified via radio: 
 Algona:  KLGA AM (1600)  KLGA FM (92.7)
 Emmetsburg/Spencer:    KUYY FM (100.1 FM)
 Estherville:  KILR AM (1070)  KILR FM (95.9)
 Fairmont, MN:  KSUM AM (1370)  KFMC FM (106.5)
 Jackson, MN:  KKOJ AM (1190)  KRAQ FM 105.7)
 Spencer:  KICD AM (1240)  KICD FM (107.7) and KLLT FM (104.9)
 Spirit Lake:    KUOO FM (103.9) and KUQQ FM (102.1) (Milford)
 Worthington, MN:  KWOA AM (730)  KWOA FM (95.1)

We will make every effort to include this on our website: and the Iowa Lakes Facebook page:

Iowa Lakes has a partnership with Rave Wireless to provide the Iowa Lakes Alert,  our emergency alert system capable of delivering messages to your email and cell phone. Please visit to choose your notification preferences. Your user name is: your Iowa Lakes email without the “”.  Your password is: the password you use to sign on a college computer. The Iowa Lakes Alert text messages will be delivered from 67283 or  226787, email messages will be delivered from , phones messages will be delivered from 712-362-5970. 

**Personnel who are responsible for other related events (Continuing Education, Athletics, Music, Talent Search, etc.) are reminded to notify their students/participants at the first class session that when the college is closed, their activity will not be held. It is also a good practice to remind students/participants of this policy throughout the term.


Once the decision has been made to cancel classes and close the college, employees and students will be notified by the Iowa Lakes Alert messaging system. In addition, the administrative assistants at all locations will post notes on doors and bulletin boards concerning the closing.

  1. Designated maintenance, custodial, and food service employees are considered “essential” personnel and will report to work on a selected basis. Supervisors are responsible for designating who is “essential” and notifying them. Custodial, maintenance, and food service personnel who work during these periods will be paid according to a separate schedule.

  2. Employees scheduled to work on the day the facilities are closed will be paid their normal salary for hours scheduled that day. Exceptions are made for employees as designated in item 1.

  3. WEEKEND COLLEGE CLASSES: If weekend classes need to be delayed or canceled due to bad weather, announcements should be communicated on Saturday morning by 6 a.m. on local radio stations. Campus Supervisors will make this determination and notify the media. Personnel who are responsible for other related college events on weekends are encouraged to remind their students/participants that when the college is closed due to inclement weather, their class will be canceled on that day. If further assistance is needed, please speak personally with a Campus Supervisor. For non- college events – check ahead with the sponsoring organization. When inclement weather forces cancellation of classes, all college facilities will be closed (except the Emmetsburg Smith Wellness Center.)

  4. THE WELLNESS CENTER in Emmetsburg will operate independently from the rest of the College and will make their own announcements regarding closures for adverse weather. Closure announcements will be made on KUYY-FM and KICD.

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