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Violence in the Workplace

Iowa Lakes Community College is committed to providing a safe, professional work environment that is free of violence.  Violence on College property by employees and students is prohibited and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including discharge of employees and expulsion of students.  Violence includes, but is not limited to:
  1. The offensive and/or unlawful touching by one person against another;
  2. Threats of bodily harm to another;
  3. The use of abusive language, threatening, or intimidating comments;
  4. The possession of unauthorized firearms or weapons;
  5. Conduct detrimental to College employees and students, which might cause undue disruption of work or endanger the safety of persons or property;
  6. Stalking;
  7. Causing or encouraging another to commit conduct as described above.
These actions are considered workplace violence when committed on college property, at a college activity or event or in connection with a college activity or event.
Employees who believe they are being subjected to violence in the workplace as defined in this policy should immediately terminate all contact and communication with the offending party and file a written report of the alleged violence to the Campus Dean or the Human Resource Office.  Initiating a complaint in good faith under this policy shall not cause any negative impact on complainants
(Complete policy is in the Employee and Student Handbook)
  1. If you observe acts of violence or abuse you should immediately report the actions to the Campus Dean or Human Resources office.
  2. The Campus Dean is to determine the immediate actions to ensure the safety of other persons and college property. (Call 911 and the police will coordinate upon arrival)
  3. Lockdown includes locking internal and external doors, turning off the lights, and sheltering in place if appropriate.
  4. Distribution of emergency messages and procedures are provided to those who need to distribute the information utilizing the website, phone system, megaphone alert system, information hotlines and other communication methods deemed appropriate for the incident.


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