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Hazardous Materials or Chemical Spill

Do not use any chemical or product without reading and understanding the MSDS sheet. 
Employees who work with chemicals are required to read and understand the Chemical Hygiene Plan located in their lab or classroom.  The instructors and generators of the waste materials are responsible for the waste streams generated in their labs and classrooms. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action.
Waste Management Procedures states:  (part of Chemical Hygiene Plan)
“This management plan should contain the process for disposing of Hazardous Waste materials.  If you have additional chemicals or materials that are disposed of through your program or class activity, please contact Iowa Lakes Facilities Management immediately.  Manifests for all chemical disposals are kept in the Emmetsburg Maintenance Dept., Estherville Maintenance Dept. or the Estherville Administrative Bldg. (See contacts on right side of page.)
On November 25, 1983, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the United States Department of Labor published the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS).  The purpose of the Hazard Communication Standard is to ensure that hazards of chemicals produced or imported by chemical manufacturers/importers are evaluated and that this hazard information is transmitted to employers and employees.
Employees have an inherent "right-to-know" about the characteristics and risks associated with chemicals in the workplace.  All employees who have a potential exposure to hazardous chemicals must satisfactorily complete Iowa Lake's "Right-to-Know" Hazard Communication Program training when hired and annual training session for each subsequent year of employment.  This information provides employees with data to make better decisions when working with these substances.
In the event of a spill of a hazardous material on campus, contact the Executive Director of Facilities Management in Central Administration, 712-362-0428 or 712-380-2255, Jack Vedder, Estherville Maintenance 712-380-2246, Greg McDonald, Emmetsburg Maintenance, 712-380-2256, who will be responsible for the notification of authorities and clean-up.
The staff member discovering the spill should clear the area of students and visitors.  First-aid should be given to anyone injured or call for emergency assistance (911).
Staff making the call for assistance should make every effort to inform the person they contact as to the degree of hazard associated with the spill.  If there is any potential danger to personnel entering the spill area, make sure this is communicated.  When applicable, instruction will be given to staff responsible for the spill area on proper clean-up and disposal procedures.
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