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  1. To respond quickly and effectively to resolve the emergency in cooperation with local authorities.  Maintain calm and perspective.
  2. Set up a center for communication with appropriate personnel.  The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will be located at the Administrative Building with secondary sites located at the necessary campus.
  3. Display through our actions, sound judgment and execution of written policies and procedures, our concern for the safety and security for students, their parents, the campus, college community and the public.
    The College is committed to:  1) protecting the lives and health of the members of the College community, (2) preserving College property, (3) communicating promptly and clearly, and (4) restoring normal College operations.

    General Checklist

  • Call 911 immediately for emergency response.
  • Notify Estherville (712-362-2604) or Emmetsburg (712-852-3554) business offices or facilities management office (x4420 or 712-362-0420) so they can send Iowa Lakes Alert to all staff and students with proper information.
  • Notify staff person in charge of campus (refer to page ii)
  • Notify Finance office for insurance purposes (x4421 or 712-362-0421)
  • Notify Business office, Peggy Wilson for possible workers’ comp issues (x4424 or 712-362-0424)
  • Notify President’s Office (x 4434 or 712-362-0434) 
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