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Fire Procedures

The following procedures are simplified. Use common sense in all activities and responses.

When the fire alarm is activated all occupants of the facility should evacuate. Use of a fire extinguisher will be at your own risk. Do not use a fire extinguisher unless properly trained.

  1. Activate the nearest fire alarm.
  2. If time permits, dial 911.
  3. Leave the building by the safest and nearest exit. Faculty members should take class records with them to the shelter area. (This is to aid in identifying missing persons after a disaster. Roll should be taken and notify the Dean or person in charge if a student is missing).
  4. If possible to do so safely and if desired on their part, assist wheelchair users to a safe (farthest from the hazard) stairwell and inform responding emergency personnel of their location. Fire department personnel are trained in safe methods of evacuating wheelchair users. Do not use an elevator for evacuation needs.
  5. If a fire is visible in your designated route, use an alternate route and proceed to at least 100 feet from the building.
  6. Stay clear of fire hydrants and firefighting vehicles.

Exit routes are posted in each classroom. Do not use an elevator for evacuation needs.

Assigned personnel, Campus Dean, their designee, and facilities management, need to secure doors to prevent unauthorized entry. (The fire and police departments will take over when they arrive) Alert others to do the same. Help persons requiring assistance out of the building. Notify emergency personnel of any persons remaining in the building

Do not return to the building unless emergency personnel have given the “all clear.”

Fire Extinguisher training is offered every fall and is available to all employees. Please contact Facilities Management at 712-362-0428 if interested.

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