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Evacuation Assembly Areas

  1. Remain calm. Use stairs and not elevators. Pay close attention to your surroundings as you exit. Incidents such as FIRE or HAZARDOUS MATERIAL RELEASES may require that alternate exit paths be selected.
  2. Take your students to a site away from the building.  Each Campus Dean or Campus Supervisor will determine assembly areas and will educate faculty and staff.  A map of these areas WILL NOT be posted for security reasons
  3.  Once outside, stay clear of the building and entryways to facilitate responder access to the emergency.
  4.  Do not re-enter the affected area until instructed to do so by facilities management or emergency responders. DO NOT TAKE IT UPON YOURSELF TO TURN OFF AN ALARM OR TO INSTRUCT OTHERS TO RE-ENTER. This can be done by emergency personnel only.

If possible to do so safely and if desired on their part, assist wheelchair users to a safe (farthest from the hazard) stairwell and inform responding emergency personnel of their location. Fire department personnel are trained in safe methods of evacuating wheelchair users.

Do not use an elevator for evacuation needs.

  • If possible to do so, immediately and safely upon an alarm or evacuation request, grab your purse/wallet and car keys.
  • Information regarding major incident evacuation will be broadcast through local media.

If you observe staff or students not taking an alarm or evacuation request seriously, please recommend that they do so. It may save their life and will reduce the risks to responding emergency personnel. Notify the Campus Dean or person in charge if a person is still in the facility.

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