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Death Student/Employee

The following procedures are simplified. Use common sense in all activities and responses.

In order to ensure accuracy of information and expedite college follow up, the office of the Executive Deans or Campus Deans are responsible for coordinating matters related to the death of a current student or employee.  The following procedures should be followed:

1.  If a death is discovered, immediately contact (see phone #'s page):

Estherville/Emmetsburg/ Spencer/other locations

Police 911, Executive Dean, Campus Supervisor Dean's Admin. Assistant(or their designee) Housing Director (if applicable)

2.  The Executive Deans or Campus Supervisor will:

a. Coordinate (with police or hospital) immediate notification of next-of-kin.
b. Notifying appropriate college offices of the death (President, Human Resources, Business Office, Educational Counselors).
c. Notify Executive Director of Marketing to coordinate press relations.

3.  Official correspondence will be sent by the Executive Deans or Campus Supervisors to the next-of-kin and will include any information necessary to conclude official business between the student and the College.  Such business may include refunds or accounts receivable.  If any college office receives a call or letter from the next-of- kin of a deceased current student, the office is to contact the Executive Deans or Campus Supervisors who will coordinate all future information between the College and the next-of-kin.  No other office will initiate contact with next-of-kin.

4.  If the deceased student is an International student, the admissions office needs to be called so they may notify Immigration and Naturalization Services.

5.  If any college office receives notification of the death of a former student with no current connection to the College, the Director of Records and Registration shall be notified.

6.  Educational Counselors will assist the team in assessing the needs of students and in coordinating resources to meet those needs. Following the response, the team will evaluate the response in order to improve the process.

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